As a British born Cypriot raised both in the UK and Cyprus, Maria knows first-hand the struggles of a strict upbringing. Freedom was always a theme in her life as she didn’t have much of it growing up. Deemed the shameful and rebellious one of the family due to her grit and passion, after much turbulence and cultural expectation, and once she began to recover from her experiences with various eating disorders, she married a Cypriot guy aged of 21. Despite the story fed to her that her life would be perfect if she married a Cypriot, after eight years, she found herself a divorced, bankrupt single mummy of two. Maria’s work ethic, knack for motivating and helping others and entrepreneurial abilities kept her going through some extremely low and bleak times. In 2014 she courageously stayed true yet again to her life purpose and hearts desires and moved with her two teens to Tropical Goa, India to avoid the British winters, further her professional and personal development and immerse herself and her son and daughter in an international, freedom based like -minded community. Maria helps people all around the world to upgrade through coaching, speaking, teaching and consulting both online and in person.


Note from maria....

I am dynamic with my interventions and have a knack for fast tracked optimal results. My top priority is getting you the results that you say you want. Period. "Firm but fair" is often a label given to me by my clients. I work with individuals and organizations globally both in person and online and assist them in upgrading whatever is unsatisfactory or ready for the next level.  I am an expert in guiding people to reach success in their chosen area while maintaining equilibrium in the other areas of their life. 

I am a seer. I see the potential in people, organizations and situations, and have an innate and practiced ability to facilitate the actualization and conversion of that potential along with desired successes, goals and dreams into the present reality. Tangible outcomes and results is where it's at. I get a high out of unlocking the hidden or untapped potential in individuals and companies. It's what I'm born for, and I'm unapologetic in my approach. I'd rather risk offending you than risk you not hitting your targets, resolving what is critical, reaching your peak potential or living the dream that is in your heart.

In order to have a clear and more specific picture of your personal, company or business needs, I like to schedule a 20-minute call to see how I can customize something to accurately suit the life goals, company vision, requirements and targets. We then may need to do some trouble shooting to get crystal clear. Please get in touch via or the contact form on this site. 

Your success is my passion, MK 


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