How to Cope with the Dark Side of Transformation

‘UpGrading’ or transformation is the creation of something new or better, it is the accomplishment of a new goal, the improvement of a situation or state of being, or the actualization of an idea or vision – and it is not a one-time thing.

Transformation isn’t something we do once per year, at the weekends or in the evenings, it is not something outside of our mind, body or soul.

It is right here inside of us, prevalent in everything we do, speak or perceive.

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Beneath the Surface of Success and High Performance 

A long time ago, (in my old life) when I was sleepwalking through my days, I began to wake up to how I was handing my power over to an outdated story, a culture, society, religion, and my own low self-worth.

I was craving the kind of freedom that can come when we start to see that we had the power all along, and when it came…

I latched onto this truth and made it the new backbone of my days. I clung on for dear life. “I’m in charge now”, was my new outlook and for the very most part, it faired me extremely well. 

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Three Lessons on Transformation and Performance I Learned from my Skydiving Instructor

Today saw me complete and check off another of my bucket list items…I jumped out of a plane, free fell at 120mph and parachuted my way to the ground! Years of thinking about it and being on the verge of doing it - quickly, within an hour or, so turned into…“I’ve done it- that’s a wrap”. While going through this entire thrilling and terrifying experience, there were three lessons on transformation and performance that I learned from my skydiving instructor.

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