Finding peace in amongst the chaos

How is it possible to find peace when your feet never touch the ground and your being pulled from pillar to post?

As a mother of two, teacher, coach, educator, entrepeneur and business owner it can be a constant effort to find peace in amongst the chaos of the daily hustle and bustle.

Juggling work, the demands of the children and nurturing a relationship as well as my needs can sometimes take the patience and resolve of a saint. Trying to find peace whilst juggling all of the above is a challenge that I'm nailing pretty well right now though.

I'm not so much talking about noise levels, although the constant background noise of a T.V set doesn't sit well with me these days.

I'm talking about the type of peace that means I'm able to keep my cool both inside and out in situations that are typically tough to find peace in.

I used to be that girl who would be a picture of tranquility on the outside with the chaos of Piccadilly Circus going on on the inside.

This was great for the success of certain areas of my life especially anything work related. Having the ability to hide the craziness of my internal chatter well is something I've fully enjoyed knocking on the head with the biggest sledge hammer my mind could conceive!

These days I make my quest for inner tranquility a high priority. In fact, at the top of my ‘To Do’ list every day are the words Find Peace.

How do I find peace for myself every day?

I wake up every morning 30-60minutes before the children to meditate and listen to inspiring audios and I do the same before I sleep at night. I find peace in not rushing straight into the day's activities and demands.

I don't sweat the small stuff. What anyone else thinks of me is totally none of my business. I find peace in relinquishing control of everything and everyone that is outside of me.

When the kids squabble, I tap out and leave them to it. "your squabble, you deal with it"! I find peace in conserving my energy for the fun stuff.

I stopped trying to be someone I'm not. I'm now living as my REAL authentic self. I find peace in relieving the pressures on me to be this perfect 'unattainable' ideal. Super Woman is soooo outdated.

I place MY needs way way way nearer the top of the priority list. I find peace in practicing yoga, listening to calming music, dancing, exercising in nature, getting enough sleep and nourishing foods.

I find peace in leading by example. My clients, friends, family, children and partner will not take my advice if I do not practice what I preach. I let go of the reigns and focus on becoming an embodiment of healthy calm for myself as a pose to forcing others to find peace.

I find peace in writing and sharing my story with you. Ever since I opened up and became totally transparent with my message to the world, peace is with me more and more. Again, when I write, I write because I have a story and a message that is based on real experience. I find peace in being vulnerable and having nothing to prove.

I find peace in simply BEING.

Maria K.Comment