6 Tips To Ensure Momentum In Your Life UpGrade

As human beings we can very quickly get comfy in our surroundings, thoughts and behaviours. It may sound quite surprising to you, but oce we have gotten over the intial discomfort of a new situation we, rather easily adapt. One of our most basic human needs is for safetly and security, to be aware of what´s coming next! So that´s exactly what we set aboutcreating.

When I re-located to India last year; although quite possibly one of the most petrifying things we have done as a family to date, considering I hadn´t been to the country even for a short vacation, within under a month I´d settled  in rather nicely! No... I´m being serious....I felt really, really content! And of course that´s what you want in life right? To feel happy, free and content.

The move, however, was all part of my personal and professional UpGrade and although the idea didn´t emerge from my mind so much as from the Universe, which if equipped with a voice would express something like this: ¨You are a leader and inspirer of people living their very best life possble, you must under any and all circumstances keep moving upwards, expanding outwards, and UpGrading what you already have (which pretty cool anayway!)

As baffling as it may seem, in order to facilitate my clients and student´s momentum I, needed to first amp up and maintain my own. The creating of safety and comfort is very much goverened by the part of ourbrain that we aren´t often aware of; our subconscious.

So.....and this hit me in a huge way after a few months of living there, I have to keep stretching and stepping out in a massive way in order to maintain the healthy level of momentum that´s needed to achieve all these . I´m way too good at adapting, getting comfortable and feathering my nest. (Shucks!)

I´m sharing these insights and discoveries from a warm and sunny verandah in Spain. You see, in order to keep moving forward in my life, I´m currently being called to actually physically move location. Once India became way too hot and wet to handle during the monsoon season and after less than 30 days taking care of stuff in the UK , here I am walking my momentum talk in España!! And so it will be until our return to India in the fall. Our lives guided by the purest and most powerful of forces.

I´m not suggesting you up sticks and move house, city or country (unless you fancy it that is!) I WILL however, share my 6 top tips to ensuring momentum in your Life UpGrade that you´ll be able to apply perfectly to any area of your life that´s presently crying out for improvement.

1- Find 3 or more ways to do the same thing. This will encourage your mind to work differently and more fully. Habit is the no 1 cause of stuckness. So next time you take a bath, maybe think about a shower instead!

2-Seek solutions that are congruent in the now rather than fitting for last year! Get really real with who you are TODAY and honour that part of you in all you do.

3- Stay connected to your bigger upgraded vision. Connect with it daily. Use vision boards, photos, videos, write about it as if it´s happened. Watch movies that feature your vision in some way or of people who have reached where you desire to be.

4- ´Work´on your mindset daily. Beliefs, spoken word, thoughts, limiting patterns and get into your mind and re-wire those outdated circuits.

5- Surround yourself with like minded people and communities. E.g if you´d like to become a location independedent entrepreneur, then join a facebook group or attend a networking meeting where you´ll be able to witness the real life evidence of who and what you desire to be.

6- Do whatever you can to become accustomed to feeling fear and moving forward anyway. When you feel some level of discomfort it generally means that you are stretching out again and that they´ll be goodies on the other side! It means you´re in the process of another mini UpGrade! 

Hear me talk more in depth on the subject in this weeks UpGrade With Maria K podcast episode CLICK HERE ------------------;>>>> http://www.blubrry.com/upgradewithmariak/2656238/013-6-steps-to-maintain-to-upgrade-momentum

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