I'm known to have a determined streak, a deep rooted firm resolve for carrying out my harts desire. It was even flagged up for me during a Reiki session by the master. She picked up on the strength and resoluteness of the little girl she was seeing as she accessed my energies.

This revelation touched a raw nerve.

It touched a raw nerve because I was being reminded that I was still who I was as a young child and in essence the world had got to me, I had become my excuses.


I 'd always known that I had inherited my backbone from the females in my mothers side of the family, so why had I allowed certain excuses and paradigms to interfere with the flow of my life?

I now know that the beliefs I had embedded in my conscious and unconscious mind were gathered along my 35 years. My excuses are not who I really am. My excuses are a lie.

Common excuses

As children we areconstantly told we are not old enough and before we know we are using I'm too old excuses to avoid doing anything that's out of our comfort zone.

In the beginning we are told countless times a day that we are amazing just the way we are, we couldn't be more amazing than we already are! Then we hit school age and we're suddenly bombarded with ways to improve and better what we are. Hence the "I'm not good enough" excuses are birthed within us.

Around the same time we discover that in order to survive in this world we need to abide by rules and regulations. We start to become victim to a set of rules that sometimes don't serve us. Rules can be taken to the extreme especially when they are unwritten and social and or cultural. My life has been a product of these types of excuses and for the first 29 years I hid behind these excuses.

Dr Wayne Dyer has written a phenomenal book that he named Stop The Excuses. I urge you to read it. It's a definite life changer. The content has been monumental in my approach to my life and my practice with my clients. In this book you will find an extensive list of commonly used excuses and the tools and philosophies of any great teachers on how to crack them open once and for all.

Are excuses getting in your way?

Awareness is the first step to stopping the excuses.

I would say the first step I took in deconstructing my excuses was to become aware of my beliefs. Since beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinkingit was actually my thoughts that I needed to address. No one rule, every day, maintain a good level of self awareness.

As I resort back in most topics, bringing in periods of quiet and stillness into the day an excellent tool. If you're not already doing so, please consider it. I say this from a place of pure love.

My message to day is this.......

We don NOT have to become our excuses. With the right information we can rise above and way beyond who we THINK we are and UNCOVER who we REALLY are by stripping away the excuses one at a time.

If you feel as though you'd like to book in for a free 30 minute consultation with me to talk about where you feel your excuses are holding you apart form the life you desire please contact me at mkhealthwellnesslifestyle@gmail.com

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