Are we there yet?

Whether you're regularly hearing the words from your children or you are just remembering what it was like to be a child on a long car journey, you are unlikely to be a stranger to the question "Are we their yet"?

I don't know how many times I’ve heard my self say to my two children over the years "look out of the window, enjoy the scenery"; we'll get there when we get there".

To a child though, that's like asking them to look at their sweets for a few hours with out being able to eat them. Not an easy thing to do.

When they set off on a journey and have a destination in mind, kids especially, want to be there like NOW!

As adults we encourage activities to pass the time and to make the journey more enjoyable and bearable.

So how is it that when we decide we want to make a change, especially to our lifestyle, body or weight we jump on any quick fix solution available to us so that we can get there as quickly as yesterday.

We want to be there NOW and have no desire to enjoy the journey let alone bring a colouring book to make it a bit more pleasurable!

But all too often, when we place all the value on reaching the destination or end result in record time, we miss everything that makes the journey worth while in the first place.

Picture this......

One day you're 16 years old, you go to bed and wake up the next morning at the age you are today. Feels kind of icky right? Feels as though you've been robbed of the journey. You're not likely to say "phew thank goodness for that, I got to avoid all the heartache and stress of those years".

The joy is in our journey. The juiciness is in the learning process and the expansion that we experience after each hurdle, upset, test or downfall.

During our journey we get to master life, we are given the opportunity to live our life in a way that WE know is right for us.

When we are younger, we are told things need to be done a certain way and we spend a lot of years messing up because we are living someone else idea of 'our life'.

If we took a pill to lose weight or even opted for surgery, yes, the results would be instant, but you wouldn't have clue how you got there.

When we follow a set dietary plan, yes it may lead to weight loss, but in my opinion, it's under false pretences.

It's like learning in parrot fashion at school, when asked to repeat it all a month later!

It's all on the surface, nothing is embedded or retained.

When the going got tough and your body was calling out for food as comfort, you'd have no idea how to deal with it, no clue how to interpret the clever messages that the body is sending out., no clarity as to what the body needs at any given moment because it's been reliant on external sources of information.

Along the way, the beauty is in the a-ha moments that YOU have in your own head, in the connecting of YOUR dots in your very own dot to dot puzzle. 

When you naturally begin to chose fruit at the lunch canteen instead of chocolate, not because that's what your diet sheet dictated you needed to eat but because your inner being guided you to make a choice that was supportive of the sound functioning of your mind, body and emotional health.

When we have spent time getting to know our relationship to food, our body and why it is the way it is, when you craved chocolate or wine you'd be totally aware of the why's and how’s and better in tune with yourself to be able to steer back n the right direction.

Being present on your own journey as the driver means that along the way you pick up some of the most valuable knowledge you could ever have in your hands.

When you tread your own path, each day you are deepening and expanding the guru within you. The part of you that connects powerfully to the kind of intelligent knowledge that no one else in the world has access to.

So relish the NOW.

Make the journey your number one priority, this means you are placing your happiness and joy at the top of the list TODAY and feeling good ever day; not when you're a stone or two lighter or a dress size smaller.

When we place our attention in the present moment and focus on the simple pleasures, the end destination becomes pretty irrelevant because all you need to feel good is right in front of you.

When your  learn how to feel good NOW, losing weight or quitting bad habits will just happen naturally.

So ditch the gruelling work out and go out and walk in nature, swap the fat free, carb free, everything free diet for w nourishing wholesome balanced diet and make a commitment to slow down and bring a colouring book with you, just incase you feel like colouring a long the way; who knows you may even come accross the odd dot to dot puzzle too!

Ahhh...sigh....don't YOU just love YOUR journey :-)

Maria K.Comment