Are You a Giver or a Taker?

The words "something has to change" with regards to our body are usually closely followed by thoughts or words like suffer, struggle, deprivation, pain and sacrifice".

 Dieting for weight loss brings with it the expectancy that when certain foods are or aren't consumed the body will produce the results that we want.

When weight loss is desired, foods are restricted and the body is expected to 'put out' as it were and by increasing it's activity levels to way beyond comfort; and I'm talking way way beyond comfort here. 

In essence, when WE decide we want our body to 'perform' a certain way, we expect it to perform perfectly just like a child or dog is expected to perform their new trick in front of dinner guests or grandparents. 

When we are ready to become 'healthy/fit/lose weight/quit an addiction, we expect our body to be ready right there with us.

If our body could talk in words, we'd expect to hear something like " Oh, you're ready to take care of us now. That's cool.. Sorry for the delay". 

We forget that for years, months or weeks we have been expecting our body to perform under sub optimal conditions. Lucky for us that our body so loyally adapts and rolls with the punches.

Whatever we dish out, our body has the tools to deal with it. Even when we skip meals, don't get enough sleep, constantly skimp on wholesome foods, drink copious amounts of alcohol, operate from a place of exhaustion, surviving on energy drinks and ignore the signs and signals it sends us, for the most part, our body keeps on keeping on like a faithful servant.

Our body keeps on giving tirelessly, even when we rarely give back.

 We all know that we never give purely to receive. Most of the pleasure is in the giving of gifts at Christmas time, even when you know you will receive gifts too; that is rarely on your mind when you are shopping for thru gifts, wrapping them and storing them ready to deliver.

 The act of giving from the heart raises the vibration of the giver and the receiver. Further more, it also raises the vibration of anyone bearing witness to the act of kindness.

 So if you can possibly imagine that by giving your body more gifts of kindness each day that you will be creating the same kind of magic and love that happens around us during gift giving season. 

I know we don't necessarily give to receive, but Marianne Williamson talks about how the universe is both self organising and self correcting, and this also includes the body, when we invite love and nurture back in the body will happily perform it's party trick of snapping back to health.

In her book The Law Of Divine Compensation she states that this law can be hindered when unloving thoughts and behaviours play out. 

So by making choices that show love and peace instead of lack and struggle within the body we are paving the way for the body to self regulate and GIVE BACK in the form of our ideal body.

 When we tend to and nourish our garden it gives us beauty, if we neglect and deprive our garden it gives us weeds.

So when you get frustrated that you can't quit smoking, lose weight or run as far as you'd like to, ask your self "How can I give back to my body" so that we can all be happy?

My body changed drastically for the better after many many years of deprivation, struggle and hate, when I started loving the devil out of it. When I stared to eat more and exercise less, when I created boundaries that ment I made time for activities that felt good which made a bold statement of "I LOVE YOU" to my body it began resembling the body that I was wishing for.

My body to that point was a mirror image of the turmoil that was going on inside of me. It's taken me lots of practice to feel good about giving back to my body daily.

It can be a difficult transition for many. I work with so many women who are stuck at this hurdle of GIVING to their body instead of TAKING form their body.

So I wanted to figure out a way that I could help as many women as possible practice the art of receiving and giving with regards to their body.  

As August is my birthday month, I'm gifting a FREE "your ideal body discovery session" via Skype or telephone (telephone UK only).

 Together we will: Create a vision of how you really want to look and feel, Look at what could be holding you back from achieving this, Put specific action steps into place to get you moving closer to your ideal vision. Email to book your space Please include your time zone in the email. Here's your PERSONAL VIDEO INVITE contact me ASAP before I get booked up!

 I look forward to spending some of my birthday month with you........

 Much love and NOW living....


Maria :-)


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