Are you a professional dieter?

Over the years I have met, spoken to and assisted many, what I call, professional dieters.

What IS a professional dieter you might ask?

Someone who diets at least once a year, every year.

The repetitive experience alone provides them with the hard earned title of 'professional'.

A professional dieter is someone who has great knowledge of the calorie contents and fat values of foods.

A professional dieter is highly likely to have enough knowledge and experience in dieting that they could quite successfully set up and run their own dieting/weight loss club.

So why would someone who's dieted once need to diet again considering the purpose of dieting is to lose weight?

Why is the professional dieter STILL struggling with their weight?

Well the most simplistic and to the point answer to this question is diet's don't work.

 Yet year after year copious amounts of people jump right back on the dieting hamster wheel regardless of their previous failures to achieve weight loss the last time and the time before that and the time before that!

So why do something that hasn't worked for you again? Why repeat the same type of process a second time round, let alone a third, fourth or fifth?

I have a few different theories that I have developed during my time in my living walking laboratory and personal and client based experiments and observations.

But first a short story.....

A few months ago I was at the supermarket check out being looked after by a lovely cashier who was happily chatting away to me whilst putting through my shopping. Amongst the shopping for that week were items for my son's birthday weekend such as cakes and treats for the pre-teen boys set to descend on our household for the birthday celebrations. As she scanned the treat items through and we continued to chat, the cashier told me that it was her birthday that weekend too. She then told me something that pretty much stopped me in my tracks and made me want to jump behind the counter and give her a massive shake, of course I didn’t! She told me that she wouldn't be able to indulge and celebrate her birthday with cake and treats because she was on a diet she'd been doing for the past 6 months which she'd lost a good amount of weight on. She then said to "it's a good diet you know, much better than the  others I've followed every other year."

The sad thing is, this woman is actually an accurate depiction of the norm. There's nothing unusual about this story. Most women spend at least 3-6 months of EVERY year on some kind of food restrictive diet.

The typical scenario goes as follows…..

Person A reaches a point of despair about excess weight gain. Person A seeks advice from a ‘weight loss expert’ and receives a diet sheet to follow. Person A begins to severely restrict calorie intake, food groups and also exercise vigorously and regularly. Person A loses some weight then gets tired of trying to live the lifestyle of an athlete while holding down a full time job and all other responsibilities such as parenthood and or having some form of life satisfaction. Person A stops eating the foods and quantities listed and prescribed by ‘Weight Loss Expert’ or ‘weight loss group’ and gains the weight lost and some more. Person A now feels like a failure and hates themselves even more. 

All that person A has achieved through all of this was a deeper sense of frustration, a traumatised internal environment and an even bigger level of confusion as to WHY they just can’t lose weight.

Here are my top 5 reasons why diets don't work:

1- The most conducive environment for lasting change is created through internally inspired action, to successfully follow a diet means taking externally forced action.

2- Mindset, habits and limiting beliefs create 75% of the blocks and obstacles to successful weight loss. Diets don't address any of them.

3- Each and every body on the planet is made up differently, further more, the same body and the way it processes and utilises food differs on any given day. Most diets are generic and come as one size fits all or assume that the body will process the same meal in the same scientifically proven way each time it's eaten.

4- Diets create an atmosphere of lack, restriction and battle within the body. A body in battle mode is a stressed body, one that is unlikely to respond to the added demands of the new weight loss regime.

5- Weigh gain is caused by an imbalance or deep rooted issue within the physical body, emotional body or spiritual body. Dieting addresses non of these areas.

So if you know a professional dieter or even if you are one yourself, please tell them that diets don't work. Please tell them that there's a new. cooler way to lose weight. And if you do it the new cooler way, you only have to do it once and then never again!

From Grey To Light

Maria xoxo

Maria K.Comment