Are you damaging your productivity by doing too much?

I used to believe that in order to be, do and have what you want in life, you must be constantly on the go, making things happen morning, noon and night. It was with this mindset that I managed to create a great deal of exhaustion, struggle and disharmony fo myself. 

There´s a well known myth knocking around that activity breeds productivity and in my opinion it´s not only a myth but a very damaging one at that. I used to be so afraid to take a day off that when I did, I´d be riddled with guilt and wouldn´t enjoy it at all because my mind would be on work! When I´d get back to it the next day I´d be so tired and my mind cloudy that I´d get very little done anyway!

We are bombarded with 'evidence` that in order to achieve anything remotely worth while in life we are quite likely going to have to forfeit something else like leisure time, family time and or wellbeing. This is generally deeply ingrained in us usually from a young age.

I grew up in a household and wider community where the adults around me developed a kick butt ability to create good levels of success out of very little. A hugely commendable set of achievements, but they didn´t unfortunately come without sacrifice though. This may also have been the case for you. If not in the home or family then in school or higher education. Whether you were told out right to ´work hard to make something of your life´ or all you saw were adults who acted the theory out, it´s likely it´s been stamped somewhere in your subconscious with a capital W!

Now this methodology worked as best it could up until recent times but as constantly evolving beings, we are no longer what we used to be. The time in history we find ourself in is highly exciting. We are on the leading edge of change and are longer buying into myths, ways of being that are outdated and unsupportive or incongruent with the lives our soul desires. The truth is you CAN achieve the success you desire and still cultivate freedom and happiness in your life simultaneously and more of us are becoming aware of this.

I´m currently in the thick of creating this as an ongoing theme in my life. Re-locating to warmer climes on the coast of India, and untethering myself from restrictions that don´t make me happy anymore. As well as for myself and family, I help people create the lives they truly desire and take bold steps in life to really have it all. Of course, it wasn´t always this way as pre-mentioned and it by no means did it happen over night for me.

Going from constant busy to anything less than that can take a life tragedy, heartbreak, illness or the like. It took all of the above for me over many guilt ridden years. It doesn´t need to be the case for you though! I´m sharing 7 of my steps to sky rocket your productivity so that you can jump straight in without the drama and struggle factors, and I think you´ll be blown away by firstly the simplicity and secondly the ease at which your life will transform. Yayy!!!!

Step 1-Banish Overwhelm

When feeling like you can´t catch your breath, crack out the pen and paper! I´m not a huge fan of the to do list but there are certain times when they are perfect to bring clarity. In my opinion, clarity will be one of your biggest power tools on your journey towards your UpGraded life. Write out everything that needs to be done and go through the list numbering them in order of urgency. Complete the first quarter, then the next if time allows. Repeat the same process again the next day, and the next. You may want to check whether the items on your list that never made it to the first quarter were important or just you trying to super person!

Step 2- Do Nothing

When in doubt, do nothing. Giving yourself down time, alone time, free time is like plugging yourself into a turbo booster!

Step 3- Be Your Own Cheer Leader

When you desire to achieve a goal, reach a new level or create something new in your life, it´s helpful to get a good understanding of WHY this is so. This will not only power up the process in general enabling you to visualise the end result with clarity, it will give you the props you need to boost yourself when the going may get a little tough. If your goal is to run a couple of times per week and your WHY is that it gives you the fitness to play efortlessy with your children then that´s the image you´ll conjure up for yourself when you´d rather have an extra hour in bed in the morning instead of going for a run.

Step 4- Pleasure

Pleasure breeds productivity. Doing and focusing on things you love gets you plugged in to the channels that feed you with inspiration. Leaving your desk to work outside in nature, taking a day off mid-week or ending your working day promptly to attend a danceclass or theatre show are all examples of how you can lighten your mood and allow yourself some fun time away from what you ´should´be doing. You´ll find this will propel your output levels way beyond what you could have expect.

Step 5- Congruency

Check that what you´re trying to be productive in is in alignment with your bigger UpGraded vision. Are you trying to encourage (or force) yourself to be or do the impossible? Are you trying to be productive in keeping a spotless house when in actual fact your UpGraded life includes a housekeepr or at least less of your time spent on chores. The solution then would be to find a middle ground until a house keeper is possible like for example a visit from a cleaner once or twice per week. Are you trying to force yourself into better health by going to the gym when in actual fact gym sessions feature no where in your upleveled life, beach walks do? In this case. would walking outside or on a treadmill work for now until you can be closer to the beach? Are you trying to secure a job by busting your gut in interview after interview in a line of work that you´ve outgrown? Congruency is key to keep you moving forwards. 

6- The Basics

Ensure you are taking care of your basic human needs first and foremost. The things we know to be important yet neglect in a flash when life gets busy. Sleep, nourishment, pleasures (yes...even of the sexual kind!) are all paramount in the equation of a successful holisitic lifestyle.

7- Intuitive Living

Stop filling your days with back to back commitments and activities. Allow for those spontaneious moments of inspiration to lead you down your divine path. Start by blocking out an hour in your diary per week and lable it intuitive hour. When this hour of the week arrives, stop and feel into what you need ie a bath or nap or what you feel like doing, clearing out the spare bedroom or writing up your business plan or next training course. Once you begin to settle into this way of working, increase to a few times per week then when you feel ready, spend some time daily, living intuitively. You may graduate to a whole day per week in the future!

You´ll be blown away by how productive you´ll become once you begin to take these steps. Please do share your stories and updates with me in the comments below or via email and by all means share the blog post with anyone you feel may benefit from reading it.

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