Are you settling for mediocre when you could have outstanding?

I want to preface this whole blog post by highlighting one thing......                               

 Mediocre has nothing to do with simplicity or back to basics and outstanding isn't all about five star, flashy or designer. (Unless of course, thats what you like, which is fine) 

Contentment, and the capacity to enjoy a wide range of simple, non complicated experiences in fact, is in alignment with a very heightened state of being.

When I talk about outstanding or UpGraded states of being I'm specifically referring to the values, desires and natural tendencies of each individual that are being communicated from within rather than being influenced from without, being honoured and given full opportunity to manifest in the form of behavoiur, beliefs, circumstances, environment.  

To live an outstanding life is to have the freedom to choose. 

The way our lives look and play out and the decisions we make daily, very often, if we really payed attention to who we are and what we want, wouldn't be our first choices, even our second or third for that matter. Granted, in order to know these things well, it's useful to have done a bit of explorative living first. When you figure out what you don't want, it's easier to know what you do want. Then equipped with fresh information set about course correcting. It's at this point that many find it tough to stay on track. 

Staying on track isn't about living the perfect life always, it's about the basis upon which your choices are made which can aso be seen as the root of a decision. 

If freedom, higher knowing and inner being connection is where you're coming from then great, carry on! If we allow our decisions to be influenced purely by other people, experts, our fears and so on then our lives are no longer our own.

When your life is not your own, it's in the mediocre bracket! 

Each choice that is made shapes your future. Each thought you have is a co-creative component to our unfolding reality. Each limiting belief or resentment you hold on to builds stronger barriers and bigger obstacles.

Self awareness is the golden key.

Having a well connected relationship with your inner world will enable you to self navigate more smoothly and on point. As long there's adequate attention placed on the possible 'unhelpful' patterns that are nearly always knocking around the UpGrade ball park so that they can be gentlytapped or kicked full throttle out of the way then consider your connection to your inner being (God, the universe, all that is) your life line.

Self awareness is your first step onto the UpGrade pathway; a bit like the golden key that opens all the doors! As each stage of awareness is reached and each lesson is completed another door opens. The important component is to grab the UpGrade opportunity and run through the open door. No lingering, no looking back! (tips and tools on how to acheive this can be found in previous blog posts) 

Put a use by date on your excuses, sacrifices and allowances.

If you're in the know about metaphysics, you'll know that if you want, you can create your own reality. In essence, we should be able to birth an idea and have it show up pretty instantly. If you've been on your path for a while you'll know that although Miracles are real, there are alot of things that can delay the process.

We each have stuff that we need to get through (some use the word transcend) in order to shed what weights us down. Beliefs, physical circumstances, things that are being worked through in relationships, finances, career confusion or busniess building. This means that where we find ourselves curently in life may not be where we'd like to hang out forever. It rarely is. It's supposed to be temporary, like a formation of eternally ascending steps, one coming after the other. The power lies in your commitment to move things forward at a constant all be it steady pace.

You may not have the time, capacity or means to have things be exactly how you'd like them to be now, it may not be divinely timed either, but remaining in this in between state for too long is dangerous. Identify the mediocre element,  decide what outstanding looks like for you. Make a plan. do the inner and outer work. Don't stop until it's realised. Lather, rinse, repeat!

Be on a constant vigil.

Being on guard, (more of a guardian angel persona than security guard) so that you can intercept each mediocre thought or action that arises in real time, is much more usful than trying to perform a cull of unhelpful behavioursthat have had you chasing your UpGrade tail, all at once. For instance, if you're focusing on embracing more self love into your life by reducing the energy you shell out for others and are faced with the decision of yet again putting others needs over yours, BAM there's your chance to UpGrade from mediocre to outstanding. Make the decision that's in alignment with your UpGraded self NOW rather than waiting for things to magically change for you. Being on guard-ian angel duty allows you to play an active role in your mediocre to outstanding conversion by taking conscious, inspired, self governed action. When your'e at the head of the table, you can see exactly what's going on at all times. When you have your night vision goggles on you canbe sure that you'll beequipping yourself with the tools and information you need to continue to adjust accordingly.

When things are past their use by date they will let you know

Often, the deeper you enter into your upGrade journey, people, blocks, unhelpful patterns, sticky situations etc will naturally fall away making space for the fresh stuff to come in. But there is a certain amount of inspired action required. some times more than others. Being an active prticipator in your UpGrade is a guarantee that it'll be permanent. It's the difference between a lottery win and the gradual building of your empire or fortunes. Sometimes all that's required of us is to surrender and let go, especially when the tendency has been to hold on for dear life to that stinky situation, circumstance or person.

Stay awake for the ride!

To ensure you're in charge of where your life is going, stay awake and fully present. Don't be the sleeping passenger who wakes up bewildered wondering where the heck they are and how they got there! The trip from mediocre to outstanding can only happen successfully, and I deem sucessfully to be permanent or at least ever forward moving if you are in charge of the wheel, maneuvering your way through potential barriers, blockades, speed bumps into the open road with thebeautiful scenic backdrop that is your UpGraded life with full attention and intention. When you take your heart, soul and mind along for the ride they too will experience what you do, see what you see, grow as you grow and expand and uplevel as you do. When you bring the whole of you on your UpGrade journey, it'll be a once in a lifetime trip, one that keeps getting better and better.

From mediocre to outstanding, and so it is.

In honour of your UpGrade jurney... Maria K xxx

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