Are your daily actions in alignment with where, who and what you want to be?

Start at the beginning 

I have talked in depth in the past about the importance of gaining a good knowledge of who you are and what you truly want. Without crystal clarity of were you desire to be in twelve, six or one months time your UpGrade journey can not officially begin. Please don't worry if you're still figuring this out, its totally cool. The importance lays in your willingness to go ahead and explore life and everything that it presents you with in order to find out. Pop back to my previous blog posts which cover how to discover who you are and what you want in much more detail.

Create a bespoke, relevant and detailed plan and stick to it

Be really choosy with how you spend your time. Be purposeful and deliberate as you design your days. Take your goals and or future desired life and get into every detail, nook and cranny. Leave no stone unturned. This is also a great law of attraction exercise but the main purpose of the activity though is to ensure that you are on a track that aligns with exactly where you want to go. Selectively sift through the myriad of distractions and possible ways to spend your time. Imagine yourself in front of a subway map, pin pointing your desired destination and tracing backwards via the appropriate route to where you are NOW. Your time is your most precious comodity, use it wisely. Take the quickest, easiest most joyful route available. Swap the dead end, outdated commitments for joyful UpGrade inducing activities. Ditch the tiresome perpetual chores for sparkly new sophisticated solutions. Clear away the unnecessary clutter that eats up your time and distracts you from growing your bliss and expanding your horizons. This process can be as rapid or slow as feels comfortable for you. 

Become the architect and builder of your life

Once you have identified where you are going and where you currently are, it's time to fill in the in between bits. The nitty gritty. This consists of what you do think and be every day. Your thoughts for example are like seeds being planted in the garden of your life. Every little detail of your existance plays a role in who you are becoming so as you design your next year, month or even week, do so with full attention, consciousness and empowerment.

You are the master of your own life, no body else; so navigate with conviction as you go for gold my friend. For many, myself included, life can be something that just happenes. We wake up one day and find that we've simply done what was expected of us, followed suit, without question, without awareness. Don't worry if you find yourself in an undesirable place, it's what happens from this moment forward that matters the most. Quit going with someone else's flow, the flow of society, your peers or family. Create your own authentic one and stick with it.

 If the goal was to transition from being a 'swimming for fun or fitness person' to a professional swimmer you'd need to increase the number of traning sessions per week. Adding in additonal activities that support, mould and build your desired result. choose wisely, be specific, relevant and productive. Selecting activities and practices that accelarate and enhance your UpGrade journey will get you from A to B in a much more smooth, joyful manner.

What you do every day forms the basis of your future self and life.

Check that your daily actions, activities, thoughts, beliefs and the general theme and direction of your days and weeks are congruent with what you truly want. If you wait for things to change to change...things will never change!! If you want to run a million dollar business, you must think, act and show up as the owner of a milion dollar business NOW. It's in the way you not only spend your time but how you think, feel and speak. It may sound impossible but it's pretty simple really. Start where you're at and work your way forwards one shuffle at a time! Learn how to course corect to bring yourself back on track quickly and knowingly. 

Be willing to work, tirelessly. 

This is not work in it's traditional sense. Some may even label it as lazy, self indulgent behaviour. Let them say what they want though. Successful people have a few things in common. The most prominent being they know what they want and they work tirelessly and consistently to attract, create or achieve those things. Whatever arena the success may be in, it will never come about without laser focus dedication and daily application. Showing up everyday for your UpGrade is paramount. Whether it be daily visualisation, affirmations, mindset boosting activities, working on your beliefs, clearing old patterns, physical activity, audios, videos, writing daily if you're goal is to become a published writer, exercising daily if you desire your health to be improved,  its so unique to your personal goals the list is endless.The content is also likely to transition and evolve as you do, the level of commitment you make should remain steady though, if not gradually increase as your threshold does. Side note. this is not an invitation to put your life totally on hold and extract all the fun, love and connection from it though. Success means also learning how to create good balance. Take responsibility for this because no one else will.

Are you serious?

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