Declutter your life

 I have always been an advocate of the simple solution

My friends know me as the no nonsense one, the one who will always away opt for a simple and clutter free life both mentally and physically. For years and years I've been an advocate of the simple solution and back to basics approach both at work and at play!

I have reached a point in my life recently where I'm readdressing every single area of my life and asking the question "how could I streamline, untangle and simplify this area"?

The Dalai Lama states perfectly in this quote how stripping down the hype and extra padding that we have surrounding our merer existences is the key to deep happiness and keeping life simple is now not only away of life for me, it's who I really am.

“If one's life is simple, contentment has to come. Simplicity is extremely important for happiness. Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital: satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements. And finally, there is an intense delight in abandoning faulty states of mind and in cultivating helpful ones inmeditation.”

For the past few years I have been following these 3 simple steps towards creating a life that is more conducive to mine and my family's happiness and inner contentment. Here's a short overview of the simple steps I have followed.

3 simple steps to declutter your life

Declutter your home. Minimize the 'stuff' you have around you. Keep only items that are relevant to the use of each room in the room such as paper work in an office space or file and not in the bedroom or kitchen. Do you really need ALL the clothes in your wardrobe and ALL the kids toys taking up space in the living room? Just think how much quicker it would be getting dressed in the morning if you didn't have to sift through a ton of clothes you haven't worn since 1999. Simple solution HAVE A CLEAR OUT! Be ruthless and detach from stuff that you don't absolutely love.

Declutter your diary.We are a nation that have come to love being busy for the sake of being busy. Does being constantly tied down to appointments, children's activities, social engagements and catch ups with acquaintances make us feel important? I fear the answer is yes. Do we cram our time so full that we never have to face up to the reality of our lives? Do we do it out of boredom? Anyhow, make your life simple and declutter your diary. Stop saying yes to invitations out of obligation and or keeping up with the Jones'. Keep children's out of school activities to a minimum. Children need chill time too.

Declutter your thoughts. We have, on average 70,000 thoughts per day. Most of those thoughts are irrelevant to what we are doing at any given time and tend to be worrisome or irrelevant to our own life. As human beings we are the only species who have the ability to think about the past and the future. We are exposed to a constant stream of stimuli from external sources. Make your mind a haven and become very meticulous which messages and external influences you allow in. Be mindful of the TV programs you watch and the stuff you read on social media. Take simple measures to expose yourself to positive and uplifting content. This also applies to the people you surround yourself with. Readdress how much time you spend with people who drain your energy with constant complaining and gossiping. Take some time each day to simply be and focus on your breath allowing the mind to empty of all thoughts.

Everybody unite and 'get simple'

If we all make a small attempt towards decluttering these 3 simple areas of our life we'll start to notice those around us changing too, like the ripples in water once a stones has been dropped in. Release complicated rituals and demands on your friends, family and community members that add stress to lives and let's start cutting each other some slack! If we all unite and makesimple a daily mantra we can all begin to live 'the simple life' and maybe have some extra time for the fun stuff too!

Thank You

So it's time for me to say a great big thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this post about the simple life. I'll leave you with a question.....look to your left and then to your right and pick 2 things that you don't wear or use and get rid of it. It's simple, give it away to charity, a friend or relative.

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