Do you remember the time......?

What is it with our past that makes it creep up and bite us right on the @ss when we're least expecting it?

What is it with food, our past and this whole creeping up business?!

I recently found myself having to re-visit an environment that was not only closely connected to my past but also highly entangled, if not responsible for an element of my 'disordered eating' at the time.

Although quite aware of the emotional stuff that this visit could potentially 'bring up' for me, I was massively oblivious to how just like clock work I regressed back to the very same behavioural patterns that I had left behind over 12 years ago.

My inability to act within my 'now current' patterns as I stood witness to the exact same behaviour playing out as if it was being done to me instead of by me was scary.

For a whole evening and the next morning I lovingly licked my re-opened wound until with my own self-love, forgiveness and willingness to see it for what it was, a valuable lesson, the wound quickly healed right back up.

Almost immediately I knew that I was being given this opportunity to shine the light on this tendency and the wounds it had left and using a chisel and hammer, bit by bit uncover the why's and where's of the remnants of the very old and outdated imprints that had temporarily come to life.

I wanted to share this insight with you to highlight the importance of awareness. If I, a woman who teaches, mentors, councels and coaches women on these subjects every day is not immune to regressions and old stuff coming up then if you are in the early stages of your journey you are going to need to amp your awareness levels right up in order to keep on top of things.

The key elements are developing the gracefulness of forgiving our actions immediately and resisting the temptation to judge ourselves and fall into negative inner dialogue.

This is where, and I repeat, awareness is key.

Once we can identify that the sometimes , our actions are born out of our past wounds we are more able to allow them to come up to the surface for healing.

How do we become aware....? We practice mindfulness each day.

How do we practice mindfulness....? Number one and first and foremost we slow down.

Racing from activity to activity, social engagement to social engagement with our mind on constant over drive doesn't leave much down time for the 'reality' of things to become clear.

If we notice and become aware that we are displaying patterns of behaviour that are holding us apart from our ideal body whether that means being slimmer, stronger or more flexible, we are certain to want to 'let go' of those sabotaging patterns.

The next step would then be to become very clear what your triggers are.

Do you always over eat when you visit your parents house? Does being around your parents or siblings bring up old wounds or childhood/teenage patterns for you?

Is it certain occasions that does it for you? Is it the smell of Christmas dinner, the sight of Easter eggs, or the summer BBQ's?

What, from your past is holding you back from reaching your ideal body?

What people, smells, sounds, rituals, seasons or sights have you acting out as if you have no free will what so ever?

If you'd like some help remembering the times that are keeping you stuck.....

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Much love and NOW living....

Maria :-)

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