Emotional Eating

Is emotional eating standing in the way of you and a vibrant healthy body?

Today it's common knowledge that our EMOTIONS play a massive role in failed diets, overeating and unhealthy eating. Are your emotions getting in the way of you achieving the vibrant healthy body that you desire? What type of emotional eating do you experience?


Are you emotional eating by being a.....

1-A Binge Eater?
2-A Mood Eater?
3-A Self-Esteem Eater?
4-A Stress Eater?
5-A Snow Ball Effect Eater?


Emotional eating explained....

Binge Eating

This is a very black and white type of emotional eating, you either binge eat or you don't. Certain foods trigger a binge, usually foods made from refined white flour or sugar such as sweets, pasta, and bread items. Binges can be triggeredby blood sugar fluctuations after eating foods high in sugar.

Mood Eating

Mood eaters eat in response to strong emotions. Often, mood eaters are very sensitive souls and are also sensitive to others feelings and moods. This type of emotional eating
is usually undertaken by people who are externally orientated, which means they spend more time focusing on other people than themselves thus missing out on all the important messages that their emotions deliver to them.

Self Esteem Eating

This kind of emotional eating is more common than one would imagine. Food becomes a friend, a companion and or entertainment. Many self esteem eaters have suffered emotional, physiological, or sexual abuse learning early on to distrust others. Se;f esteem eaters have more than enough knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet, however, they have little confidence in their ability to lead such follow through.

Stress Eating

This type of emotional eating is triggered by tension. The two main causes of tension in a stress eaters life are unhappiness in the work life and dissatisfaction within their love life. Both areas are difficult to deal with. They have a wide are of chosen foods which tend to be coffee, caffeinated & carbonated drinks, chocolate, alcohol, bread and dairy products

Snow Ball Eating

This form of emotional eating is a result of a fluctuationin motivation levels a person has to lead a healthy life. The words often coming out of a snow ball eaters mouth are " well I've eaten one cookie and my diet's broken now; I may as well eat the whole packet now". Spurred on by an external stimulus, such as a photo of them at their heaviest, a spouse's comment or too tight jeans. The external motivation however, is not enough to provide a steady steam of motivation and permanent changes in behaviour patterns.

It is common to display a combination of the above emotional eating styles...

The more you understand about yourself, the more you're able to work with instead of against yourself.

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