Excuse My Rant, I Just Can't Help It Today

It's the dawn of the first 'full' week of 2015!

This can be a tough time of the year if you attempt to plunge feet first into your new years resolutions and or making or perhaps 'forcing' things to happen in the way that you want them to.

It's totally not your fault though!

We are bombarded with messages and images of shoulds and shouldn'ts.

Ideas of how we should be raring to go, how we shouldn't be feeling lethargic and tired. How we should be over the crap that we went through in 2014 and feeling strong and clear of the wounds, traumas or pain.

Paradigms of 'January is for kick starting your life' are flung around like a volley ball on a crowded beach. January is for 'new beginnings, fresh starts and making your life better'.

We're told to 'fix your life in 2015' because your life sucked in 2014.

Basically you failed!!!

Weight loss, diets, fitness, new business, improved career, no more alcohol, new hobby, more time with family, walk to work, join a gym, go swimming, attend a Zumba class, find your passion, leave the stale relationship, remodel your home, buy a house, move house.........

Bloomin heck; I'm tired and depressed just thinking about all that!

Please don't misunderstand my rant as permission settle for a mediocre life.

Please understand that you deserve the very best of everything that you desire and that's the most important component to consider.

Personal and spiritual development are one of our most basic human needs for survival. Basically if we're not evolving and expanding we're in deep trouble.

I'd like you to pause for a moment though before you jump on the bandwagon of self improvement by beating the crap out of the parts of you and your life that society have deemed on your behalf wrong and ask your inner self this question:

What's important for me to address and take action on for the authentic evolution of my mind, body and soul for the highest good of myself and the greater good of the universe.

Then take notice of the answer that arises. (if you need help interpreting it or putting it into action give me a shout.)


On December 31st I recorded a free Letting Go Of 2014 Meditation/Activation to help you take stock of where you are in your life, deepen your awareness of where you are and why you find yourself there and most importantly to enable you to make peace with what did or didn't take place in 2014 that you still carry in our energy, mind and emotional body and activate a clearing and cleansing of any heaviness, blocks and negativity that still may be hanging around .

You can access the audio process for free here: http://rs3104.freeconferencecall.com/fcci/cgi-bin/play.mp3/55992702-43.mp3

This is the view from my breakfast table this morning, It's taken a lot of clearing and cleansing, focus and raised awareness as well as willingness to hear the answer to this question (What's important for me to address and take action on for the authentic evolution of my mind, body and soul for the highest good of myself and the greater good of the universe) and take direct action on it to be able to write to you from the beach in India on the first Monday morning of the year. I'm excited for YOU now to be able to reach for YOUR own personal equivalent of breakfasting, yoga-ing, meditating and working your business, facilitating sessions with clients from a dream location.

Maria K.Comment