Feast or Famine?

Food is one of our basic physiological human needs for survival...We don’t survive for very long without food!

Isn’t it funny though, how us women very cleverly use food as a form of self punishment.

The most commonly though of form of self hate through food, I believe, is food deprivation or a form of anorexia. "I don't feel I deserve to sustain my body, take pleasure from food and or survive". This can stem from a perpetuating cycle of yoyo-ing; extreme weight gain and weight loss or from a series of underlying emotional and psychological reasons that trigger patterns of deprivation.

Food as comfort is also a form of punishment I must add because any destructive behavioural pattern that causes unwanted results and or feeling is damaging to the mind and body and the soul.

I can not begin to count the amount of women I speak to who punish their bodies by bingeing until they feel or have to be sick . (I've done both in the past so I can definitely relate)

This week I have seen women who are going through all the above extreme compulsive eating habits. Both are equally as yucky, confusing, uncomfortable and highly distracting to daily life. When you are in constant battle with yourself over food, life can get very stressful and taxing.

When we begin to look at the reasons WHY us women do this to ourselves it can be so annoyingly confusing because we know exactly what we should and shouldn't be eating yet it's not instantly clear unless we are at first seeking the professional advice and guidance of someone who is experienced at connecting the dots of eating behaviours and emotional relationships to food.

For years I had no idea why I was doing what I was doing, I was too close and couldn’t see for looking.

I want to give you 2 insights today that I hope will help you to begin to connect your own dots.


1- Compulsive food deprivation

Address your sense of self worth

Assess your sense of significance

Assess your relationship with yourself.

Do you feel you deserve to take care of yourself?

Do you feel you need to be punished for being incompetent in certain areas of your life or for simply not looking like a top model?


2- Compulsive over eating


Address your ability to deal with your emotions

Assess your sense of importance

Assess your relationship with those around you

Do you feel as though you have a voice within your inner circle?

Do you feel as though you can't cope with life unless you are able to find comfort in food & alcohol?

Both of food deprivation and over consumption are forms of self sabotage. Both issues are your EGO'S way of telling you that you can't cope and that you are incompetent. These messages that you receive create the basis for your unconscious thoughts. Which then go on to create our behaviour. We operate around 95% plus of the time unconsciously and only around 5% or less of the time consciously.

So all the practical knowledge in the world is useless if your  subconscious brain is what is ruling your behaviours and pattern. Right?

It's worth spending some time uncovering the beliefs that are ruling your relationship with food.

Are you an over eater or a depriver?

What situations or emotions trigger certain types of behaviour?

How do you feel before, during and after you’ve over eaten or skipped a meal?

Please feel free to let me know the answers to your questions via email mkhealthwelneslifetsyle@gmail.com and I’m happy to give you some insights.

C’mon girls…….. you’re only a few steps away from empowering yourself and your relationship to food!

If I can do it, so can YOU :)

Maria K.Comment