'Find Your Groove' Spring Programme


You've joined a gym, an exercise class or you're parking your car a bit further away from work everyday so you can include walking into your day, and have been loving your new routine for a few weeks, you're settling in quite nicely to making the 'right' food choices and changing any undesired habits; you feel good! You're following that diet, cutting out carbs or not eating after 6pm and you're working your butt off in the gym, in class or in front of the DVD. But then a month or so into it life starts to get in the way again, family, work, illness, social commitments, snow and you feel as though you're fighting a losing battle. You're disheartened as you're not reaching your goals so you very quickly revert back to your OLD BEHAVIOUR. After all, "I was bigger/more out of breath/had IBS/couldn't wake up in the mornings, but at least I wasn't under so much pressure to fit in working out and caring so much about what I ate". RIGHT!?? As human beings when we make a MENTAL decision to CHANGE something about ourselves or our lives with our concious mind (which only has 5% control over our behaviours and reactions BTW) very often our subconcious mind (95% influence over our behaviours and reactions/actions) hasn't caught up with the PERSON YOU ARE TODAY; the person who actually enjoys eating a wholesome diet and taking care of their body. In order to successfully achieve a lifestyle change there needs to be a (w)hol(e)istic analysis of WHY we do what we do and what limiting beliefs are in place from as far back as childhood or our teenage years that can sabotage our progress and positive change. This is the very reason that often, when people lose huge amounts of weight they pile it all back on again because regardless of how much of an expert they have become in the world of calorie counting and healthy living, their subconcious mind still tells them they are overweight or ugly or unhealthy so there is a need to fulfill that label. HOW CAN HAVING A COACH HELP ME???? Working with a coach on a regular basis or even as a one off can help you to identify where your sticking points are and really get to the bottom of WHY you remain stuck whether it's the first time or you seem to find yourself here year after year. You can have coaching sessions along side your usual gym and or class routine or on a stand alone basis and can even combine them with personal exercise sessions if you wish. For the months of APRIL & MAY I am offering the 'Find Your Groove' Spring Programme which is 4 weeks long and combines all of the above elements with an emphasis on breaking free from the habits and resistance that winter can create. Stepping into your own perfect rhythm and flow of healthy and wholesome living and teaching you how to enjoy the results of your new actions and hanging onto them for life. The point is not to fall down, the point is, to get right back up again. Learn how to become your own Guru who can get back up again...time after time after time!!!

Namaste ♥

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