Good vibrations

"Once I started loving my body, my body started loving me right back by releasing all the habits and addictions that no longer were a match to the new shinier more fulfilled me" -Maria K

In a recent BLOG POST entitled 'The Big Soul Clean Up' I wrote about how I have been guided over the years to release all the 'bad' habits that were holding me apart from my abundant health and well being. One by one I no longer craved alcohol, caffeine, red meat, dairy products etc

So after years of confusion.....(YES even I was confused dot com) my body is now telling me what I should and shouldn't be eating.

'Jammy cow' I can hear you say/think!!!

I know....I do feel very fortunate to now be at a point where I no longer need to stress and obsess about what I eat anymore. There was a time when thoughts of food would fill my mind and overspill into my every waking moment. The word that springs to mind for that time in my life is BOOOOORING!!!

So what did you do and how can I do the same? I hear you ask!

You may have heard me say, sometimes repeatedly, "it's not what eat, it's how you feel when you eat it".

YES. The number one priority that you need to have is tending to your own mood.

The question on your lips needs to be "How can I feel better than I do right now"? and the commitment that you make need to be "The most important thing that I have to do is to make sure I feel good".

Sounding a bit too simple to work? Sounding like it's far too woo woo to even contemplate?

Ok so let's get a tiny bit sciency here....

Our body is made up of cells and our cells, just the same way a radio set does, vibrate. Ever said the words "the energy in that room was so dense"?

Well that was you, an energetic being, picking up on other people's LOW energy.

When we're happy our energy vibration is HIGH, when we're sad or angry our energy vibration is LOW. Simple as that!

An amazing teacher that I have learnt so much from named Esther Hicks talks about how the food we eat is pretty irrelevant, especially if our mood aka vibration is low.

you could be the strictest of vegans' eating the most organic of organics taking in only the purest of foods, but if you walk around every day with resentment, hate anger or jealousy whether for yourself or to others, you may as well be eating every meal at a well known fast food restaurant. The effects are the same if not worse.

So while I'm not implying that you ought to feed yourself and your family fast food every day, I’m also standing firm in my 'relax it's not that serious' approach.

If your energy vibration is high and you have a smile on your face not only will you enjoy the foods that you eat without creating a stressful environment of struggle and hateful inner dialogue in the body, you’ll be providing THE MOST conducive of atmospheres for the body to relax, regain balance thus coming forth with requests and urges for food that are going to be optimal in you reaching your goals and will have you walking around as the amazing self you came here to be you'll be vibrating your way into every meal time no matter what you are guided to at because a high vibrating body ALWAYS KNOWS BEST!

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Much love until next time

Maria K :-)

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