Have I told you lately......?

It doesn't matter who it comes from. A work colleague, a boss, a friend, partner, spouse, child or even the next door neighbour. When someone say's those words it's like receiving a free gift in a magazine! 

How satisfying does it feel when someone say's "Hey....I really appreciate you, you know" or "Hey, thank you so much for your support today while I was going through that thing".

Just think of how beautiful a gift it is when we receive a complement or a heart felt thank you, especially when it comes directly from someone’s heart, yet most of us, especially us women, are rubbish at accepting a complement with grace.

We are far happier living in the space of the 'victim'. "I'm much more comfortable being my undesirable, un-attractively perceived, half talented self thank you very much" often perceiving a complement as false and ingenuine.

If we all made a small attempt to give more complements and express more appreciation from the heart to others, we would soon realise that when they are doing the same for us, they really and truly do sincerely mean it.

Now I'm not suggesting we throw around niceties for the sake of it, but being open to seeing more of the good in people and telling them openly how much you appreciate them rather than talk about purely the bad or undesirable can be a great place to start.

It opens up an expansive space for more goodness between people and then in turn our individual lives too.

This brings me on to the main juicy part of this topic.

Once we practice giving and receiving complements and appreciation with those around us; we can then do the same for our most nearest and dearest. Nearest and dearest being US!!....Our own body.

Contemplate for a second how day in day out your body just IS. No questions asked, it just plods on pretty much regardless of what we throw at it.

When we eat a load of processed foods, neglect our sleep requirements or have one glass of wine too many it just amps it up and does what it has to do to get you through the day...right?

Do we EVER say "Thank You, I appreciate you" to our bodies though?

We bat the words Thank You around quite easily in most scenarios because we are conditioned to do just that from the second we can talk.

We thank the waiter in a restaurant for bringing us our mean and taking care of us during our visit. We thank the flight attendant for taking care of our needs on a flight. We thank the hotel staff for making our stay comfortable and ensuring we have all we need.

Yet when do we ever thank our body for taking care of our needs every second of the day.

We never have to remind our body to digest our food once we've eaten our meal. We never have to remind our body to breath in fresh new breath to keep our body oxygenated. We never have to set an alarm to power up our heart to beat for the day.

Could we view our bodies with the same grace and appreciation as someone who has done us a valuable favour?

Could we gradually begin to see what our body supports us with instead of complaining that it is holding onto some extra weight?

Could we truly appreciate what the real function of the body is and that with the recourses you provide it with it's actually doing rather well.

Could we take ownership of the input we have with regards to what the body outs out in terms of aesthetics, stress levels and health.

The body responds very profoundly to the words and language we use during our self talk, the cells of our body have feelings that can be hurt with unkind words.

I know this might sound like a far out thing to start saying thank you out loud to your body while in the queue at the supermarket or in a restaurant, but is it something we could do in the privacy of our own thoughts?

Perhaps start your day with a "Thank you for supporting me through anther wonderful day in all I need to get done".

Before bed could the words "Thank you for all you did for me today, I appreciate you".

Are you willing to view your body in a different light? Are you willing to see your body as the miracle that is truly is?

If you want to really utilise the power of words to mould your body happy and healthy, spend some time picking out what you love and appreciate about your body and allowing your thoughts to get carried away with that rather than "I hate my stomach" or "I wish my thighs were smaller" every time you look in the mirror.

I appreciate your body because it houses the very soul of who you are and you're awesome!!

Thank you in advance for being kind to YOU.

Send me your feedback, questions and news of your journey..... I love hearing from you :-)

Maria K.Comment