I collapsed in a heap...

During this morning's Yoga Practice , I had a huge A-Ha moment!

It wasn't necessarily a new realization but it hit me in the most profound way

as I went over during a head stand.

To achieve anything juicy, enjoyable and new in life we really must be ok with failing.

That's not to say that we WILL fail; I've practiced many successful head stands in the past.

Just being ok with whatever the outcome is and knowing that doing it anyway will have us shifting positively forwards one shuffle at a time (as I say to my clients and students) rather than staying stuck in the same old, same old wondering why we're not happy and why nothing is changing.

Where in your life might you be avoiding doing something because failing is not an option or perhaps way too uncomfortable for you?

I say failing is not an option because it's just a perception, a mere view point.

What if we could see every obstacle or perceived failure as an opportunity to better ourselves and gather up a whole load of new insights and information that we could use to catapult our way forwards rather than ammunition against ourselves?

what would if feel like to sail swimmingly towards your desired outcome?

For a lot of people, they will never ever know the answer to that question because they allow their fear of failing to get in the way of their dream.

My mantra for you to take away today is:

Just do it!! Just go for it! What's the worst that can happen?? You'll fall out of a headstand onto carpet!!

you're invited.........

After my morning tumble today, I'd like to invite you to write down that 1 thing that you've wanted to go after for so long in your life but still haven't, that thing that's nagging at you and keeping you out of your bliss zone, send it to me in an email.

To make it really quick, just hit reply to this one and let me in on your secret. No pressure...just two people sharing their dream with one another.

I'm waiting to hear your declaration ........ ready steady GO!

With Love

Maria K xxx

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