If Not Now, When?

We are in Cyprus again! Yes....you're right, we were only here last month!          

We staretd feeling the desire to spend more time here and decided that next Spring would be a really good time. I have some speaking engagements booked, my parents are here and it's a perfect chance for the teenagers to practice and improve their Greek.

So, it became a hot topic of conversation in my house hold. After another long winter in Goa, India, we would head to Cyprus for the Spring.

Why Not NOW?

We had a ton of stuff to get sorted in the UK in preparation for our upcoming leave of abscence. Things like home improvements and maintenance plus some meetings to be held and arangements to be made with the school out in Goa. But in truth, we awere feeling drawn to be there for the rest of August and I wasn't likely to be picking up a paintbrush myself and the arrangements and meetings for the most part were to be carried out online.

I created limits where they weren't needed. My limited ego mind told me I needed to stay put in the UK for the rest of the summer to make the required preparations. " Be sensible Maria" I heard it say. "You can't have it all" "Don't be frivolous and OTT"

You Are Unlimited

The decorators are in, the meetings are done, things are in motion and the mantra I continue to adopt and encourage you to also is "I can Have It all"

Here we are, having it all and not waiting for the 'perfect moment' 'the right circumstance' 'the sensible time' and things have and continue to work out pretty nicely!

I took this opportunity to deeper understand the inner workings of my belief systems and the limits it had been and could potentially place on my life. They are made of layer upon layer of useful, in fact, golden information and opportunities for an uplevel. I grabbed hold of and embraced the opportunity to UpGrade to the next level of my belief patterns and take one of my well documented leaps of faith in order to draw the universe in fully as my ally.

Three take away points for you today:

1- Your limited ego mind will try to and scare you into stuckness. Know that you are Unlimited. You don't need to buy into that. It's an outdated protective mechanism.

2- Don't wait. the right time is when you surpass your fears and invite the universe in to support your next move. The right time is now.

3- Pay attention to your desires and the messages brought to you by the people around you, they are appearing to transport you forwards. Set the intention to keep moving and everything around you will show up to assist you.Careful not to resisit it though because you'll be stunting the natural flow and that's likely to feel very uncomfortable.  

If we are aware enough, the people around us can be our most valuable teachers and coaches. We must pay attention to everything though with eyes, ears and heart wide open!

What is it that you are waiting for? What is your ego mind telling you that is keeping you stuck and limited? Remember you are an integral part of the unlimited universe that we live in, it makes no sense at all for you to live inside of your own false man made limited world. More is always at your finger tips, if you believe it and are open enough to receive it.

So take this question with you my dear friend and pop it to yourelf as many times a day as you feel to. If Not Now, When? 

Maria K.Comment