Is Distraction Blocking You From Your Dream Life?

We live in pretty amazing times! What do you think?

We can connect with people accross the world, we can see what they are doing in real time, share happy moments and tragedies alike. We can flip on the TV at any time of the day or night and choose from uncountable shows or news channels to watch. We can shop without leaving our home, know the exact location of our friends and families from their mobile phones and decide to change the face of our business or career in a day or less. The choices we have at our fingertips are amazing and immense.....until they begin to distact us from the real, bigger visions we have in life.

It´s because of the fast paced, totally available, plugged in lives that we lead, that distraction has become one of the biggest things that trips us up on our UpGrade journeys.

Here are my 5 steps to kill distraction and ensure you no longer get caught up and your flow towards sucess, freedom and happiness clogged up. The 5 steps work as a collective amd one is supprting and complimentary of the other.

1- Lazer Focus

As I´ve said before (many times) clarity is your biggest power tool. Once your are clear on what you want and why you wan it, you can then create a clear vision and a plan that is congruent with your vision to then bring it into reality. Create a strategy and stick with it by avoiding shiny object syndrom which is being tempted to step off course when different opportunities and invitations come your way. Remain aware so that you can quickly course correct when you veer slightly off. 

2- Connect Daily

Connecting to your happy place, the universe, your higher self, inner being etc (whatever you resonate with) will keep you very present to what´s unfolding. When you connect daily, you remain super aware which enables you to keep your focus totally on point. 

3- UnPlug

Being constantly plugged into social media, the news and the TV can weigh heavy on your mind. It swamps your thoughts and robs your attention away from YOUR vision. My tip is to unplug for 24 hours peek and a couple of 2 weeks segments per year to take a dettox from all the things that you know act as a distraction. You´ll find you feel lighter in your mind and your body allowing things to process and or clear easily thus opening up inspiration channels which will help you remain engaged, joyful and in flow! 

4- Stop Comparing

Comparing ourselves to others is the epitome of distraction. It conjures up a false emptiness, dissatisfaction and causes chaos on what could be a simple and easy journey towards your UpGrade. Step 3 ties in really well with this one as a lot of our opportinity to compare ourselves come during our time spent reading glossy mags, watching Hollywood movies and scouring social media. Remember that parts you see usually tend to be the best of people´s lives and or journeys, them all dressed up, their good business milestones, but it doesn´t mean that they don´t have down days or wake up dishevelled or puffy eyed in the morning!

5- Drop The Excuses

Excuses are a great form of distraction because we literaly convince ourselves that the reason we can´t do something is true when the tuth of the matter is anyhting you can imagine is yours to be, do or have. The kids, money, location time are all very common reason given to alleviate responsibility from ourselves. A common saying goes as follows: ´I don´t have time´ is the adult equivalent of ´The dog ate myhomework´!

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