Let Go, For Goodnes Sake.

I've been traveling and living my new life for a good while now and one thing has become apparent to me. It doesn't matter if you're on the most stunning of tropical beaches, on top of a perfectly placed tranquil mountain top or at Sunday night worships in a Hindu Temple with the local Guru in India, one thing remains the same. 

Wherever we may find ourselves, where ever  we go, we bring with us the same thing or set of things that have been holding us back for years. Our mind, filled with it's unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, worries, attatchments to people, places and sufferings old and current. 

You see, our mind, if not taken care of, can become that uninvited guest along our UpGrade journey. Showing up at the most sacred and private moments, in the most exoctic and exciting locations just as easily as in the normal every day mundanity. And although when used correctly, the mind can help advance us at lightening speed towards our desired life, for the most part, it's sheer power trumps any wishy washy attempts to master it.

For me, even though I've known for an eternity and teach it and coach my clients and students in it daily, today, it hit me hard during my daily practice, (which usually consists of meditation, yoga, some journaling and chanting), on my last day spent living on this spectacularly positioned mountain steeped in natural beauty with a perfect sea view in Southern Spain.

So today dear one, I've declared as a day of letting go. It's important to me that I share such a private and sacred moment with you because I never want anyone to think that you get to a certain point in life fand never have to deal with the icky stuff, I'm sharing this because you ned to know that I too, am still on a wonderful personal journey of my own, as are you.

Although my journey is ever forward moving and I'm certain that I've left the bulk of my 'struggle and suffering steeped days' behind me, as mentioned earlier, I still bring with me my mind wherever I go; and bless it's little soul, it really has accompnied me through some true rock bottom moments, it's been witness to those days filled with worry, steeped in anxiety, batteld through those periods of struggle, intense panic and fear. All that really has happened, to the mind, it's the truth, but it's not the truth of where I am NOW or where I'm going, yet my mind (ego) loves nothing more than to replay the images, feelings and thoughts in connection at regular intervals AS IF IT COULD COME BACK TO LIFE like a scene from the movie a night at the museum. 

So I'm letting go of this, I'm peeling yet another layer away of the density that keeps me in closer proximity to the 'dark days' and allowing my mindset to catch up and become congruent with who I am today letting those distant memories from the past shrink down to a kind of cute fond memory that can only fill me with gratitide for having shaped me so diligently as the me of today! I do this because I'm commited to living an outstanding life and creating the kind of success, freedom and happiness for myself and my family that  I could only dream of a few years ago. 

So now over to you. What are letting go of? You may or may not know. And as already mentioned, as we progress , it changes, it evolves as you do and even though you may have 'dealt with it' already, if like me, the wounds or traumas run deep, then you may be dealing with the current layer of the issue, entanglement, person, belief or tendency. Once you actually identify what is being brought to your attention as being passed it's expiration date in your life how the heck do you even attempt to let it go?

I've got a few pointers for you to get started. Take on board only what resonates with you yet please do approach it with an open mind as one thing is certain...you have absolutely nothing to lose! 

1- Make a declaration There's nothing more powerful than announcing to the Universe that you're ready to let go of something. Once the Universe knows exactly what the deal is, it can step in and do it's part of the project. The night I met my life partner I declared to the Universe thatI was ready. The Universe and I co-created the meeting perfectly. I'd been recovering from a relationship break down and was taking time to mourn and heal. On that very same evening as I was getting dressed to meet my girlfiends, I declared out loud"ok Universe, I'm ready to let go of this lesson and heart break, show me what you've got for me" And so a crazy chain of events lead Keith and I into the same room, when we actually shouldn't have technically even been in the same building. So get clear and announce it with conviction!

2- Perform a letting go ceremony. Now I'm not suggesting an airy fairy, smelly witches potion kind of thing, there's no right or wrong way to to do this and you may already have your own preference in which case do it your way. As long as you bring focus to letting go of the negative elements of your attachment to whatever you're letting go of and opening up new fresh space for what's next, you will be successful. A simple way to do this is find a quiet private space. Light a candle or insence, if you have neither no worries. Sit and start with observing your breath. Write in depth or in bullet point format what you are releasing. Take as much or as little time as you like. Once you're done you can either shred, burn or some peoplelike to bury their paper in the earths soil. Either way must feel great for you.

3- Daily Reminders For the next 30 days remind yourself every day that you are in a period of releasing. you could use affirmations, mantras, post it notes dotted around the house or even reminders on your smart phone at various intervals during the day to do this. A great one is pick a song that energises your and your releasing state and listen to it every day and even have a little jig to it to get the whole body absorbed into the letting go energy. Using the mantra 'LET GO" during meditiation is also a great one. Say Let as you inhale and Go as you exhale.

 4- Get physical We hold alot of our 'stuff' in our physical bodies as well as our mind. You could embark ona a mini detox of foods hat are casingn your body stress and that aren't supprting your wellness like caffeine or alcohol or decide to include more plant based foods in your diet that aid the detox' and 'letting go' process really well. Getting physically active is also a perfect way for releasing to integrate fully. Walking, dancing, yoga, running are just a few examples. The final one is pretty whaky but works a treat! Stand in front of your bed and command that your body loosens and relaxes. Allow yourself to fall back onto the bed reciting the mantra let go then your name as you do. If your neck and back don't like this idea, do it with a friend or partner instead.

 Please let me know how you get on. Post in the comments below and share with me and our UpGrade community your experiences with Letting Go of that thing that's holding you back from your dream life.

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