Let It Go, For Goodness Sake!

I've been traveling and living my new life for almost a year now and one thing that is becoming so apparent to me. It doesn'y matter if you're on the most stunning of tropical beaches, on top of a perfectly placed tranquil mountain, or at Sunday night worship in a Hindu Temple with the local Guru in India. One thing remains the same.

The thing we always bring with us wherever we go is our mind, filled with it's thoughts, beliefs, worries, attachment to suffereings, old and current. Our mind, if not taken care of, can become that univited guest along our UpGrade journey showing up at the most sacred and private or even normal and mundane moments.

And even though I've known this for an eternity and teach it and coach my clients in it daily, today it hit me hard. During my meditation and morning yoga practice on my last day spent living on this spectacularly positioned mountain steeped in miraculous nature with a perfect sea view in Sothern Spain.

So dear one, I've declared today a day of letting go and I wanted to share this, a very sacred and personal moment of mine with you too. You see, although my journey is ever forward moving and I'm certain I've left my 'struggle and suffereing steeped days' behind me, I still carry with me my mind. A mind that has, not unlike yours, witnessed a lot. If it were a child we'd say 'it could be scarred for life'. It accompanied me through those rock bottom moments. Those days weighed down with worry, struggle and fear. Now, it loves nothing more than to replay the images, feelings and thoughts connected to those times in my life, at regular intervals, on loop, even if I have not pressed the play button.

This is what I'm letting go of today. The undercurrent of all those tough times in my life that still linger like a bad smell. There's no need now. Thank you ego mind, your attempts to keep me safe are no longer required. You are free, I am free. I am safe.

I know I'm not alone in this mind game! I know that there's always room for improvement because by our very nature we a) deserve better and b) are ever evolving beings. I've put together a step by step guide for you. To help you as you LET GO of what you are carrying around with you for no good reason.

Make a declaration

There's nothing more powerful than announcing to the universe that you're ready. Once the universe knows exactly what you are ready for (to release or attract) it can easily step in and do it's part of the project. The night I met my love, I declared to literally as I was dressing to go out with my girlfriends 'ok Universe, I'm ready. Show me what you've got for me'. I'd been recovering from a traumatic relationship break down for a while and had been in a state of mourning and healing. So a totally crazy chain of events that night led Keith and I into the same room, when we shouldn't have even been in the same building. The Universe was determined to get us together. Your declaration could something like this ' I'm ready to let go of/welcome in.....Please show me how and help me to let go of/welcome in ....easily, consciously and swiftly.

Perform a letting go ceremony

This doesn't have to be some airy fairy witches cauldron smelly potion style ritual. There are uncountable ways you could do this and may already have your favourite in which case brilliant! A very simple one goes something like this ' Light a candle or insence. Sit in your favourite place and on a piece of paper write an in depth description or short bullet points if you prefer of exactly what you are letting go of and why. Take as much or as little time as you need away from distractions. Close your eyes and in stillness bring your focus to your breath. Afterwards, you could shred, burn or some people like to bury their paper in the garden or park! There really is no right or wrong way!

Remind yourself Daily (For 30 days)

This could be in the from of an affirmation, mantra, reminders on your phone, fridge, mirror. Maybe you have a song that reminds you to let go that you can listen to or even dance to before you brush your teeth in the morning. A simple and powerful one that I love is to usethe mantra 'Let Go' during meditation. Silently say 'Let' on your in breath and 'Go' on your out breath.

Physically Let Go

Not to be crude but we store a lot of our 'crap' in our physical bodies. You could embark on a detox from a particular food like caffeine or meat. You may feel to introduce fruit and veggie juices or smoothies for 30 days. Please seek expert advice before fasting though. Taking up a new activity will have the body moving in new and different ways thus shaking up your cells; the home of many of your fears, traumas, emotional blocks and limitations. A great and quick one is to stand at the front of your bed and letting go of all control and physical tension allow yourself to fall backward onto the bed. If your bed isn't suitable or your back and neck don't fancy the idea, do it with a friend or partner. Stand in front of them and have them catch you. Each time you do it repeat the mantra 'I Let Go Of ........'(whatever it is you're currently letting go of)

If you are still unclear on what you need to let go of, please refer to the BLOG post entitled Who are you and what do you want, for some cool tips on how to get clarity around this.

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