Optimism and Your Health

Living with Optimism

Living through a lense of optimism canbring our lives into balance and help maintain optimal health. When we are living withoptimism, it can manifest in our physical bodies in an instant. Our body and mind are so interconnected.  If you get a hug, it affects your mind by making you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  If you think about a disgusting image, it can make you shudder.  What we think, do and say influences our bodies. Our thoughts create critical feed back loops which carry information and cause reactions.  As a result of the messages we are constantly sending ourselves, our bodies intelligently reflect back our current state of health and well being.We thrive on positive and affirmative beliefs.

Teachers of living with optimism

Oprah Winfrey say's it beautifully "You do not become what you want, you do not get what you wish for in life, you become what you believe". We manifest that which we project into the world. Daniel Gutierrez goes one further and has replaced the word manifest with reveal. That which we truly are is revealed to us as we project it out in to the universe and become a perfect match to it. Our natural state of being is one pure wellness and abundance and Daniel teaches that when we take actions steps that bring us closer to our natural state the universe drops that magic cloak that's been concealing the true us, so to speak. So if we are vibrating on the level of negative emotion, getting sucked into drama and living daily in fear, with anger, stress, hostility, sadness and guilt it is going to show up as some kind of ailment in our bodies and or malfunction in our life, a build up of resistant tension will develop causing energy blockages and lead to all sorts of ailments and misfortunes; some not so serious and others terminal. Optimism really is worth a go!

Louise L Hay was one of the first pioneers of the affirmation. Meaning: The action or process of affirming or being affirmed. Synonyms: confirmation - assertion. Her first book, you Can Heal you Life, first published in 1976 was actually the book that helped me heal my eating disorder for which I'd seen professionals for to no avail. Once I picked up her methods I began living with more optimism. Her research, study and practice led Hay to produce a reference guideline which explained the mental and psychological causes of physical illnesses. She explained how one can get rid of physical ailments by simply inducing a positive thought process and a love yourself motto in their mind, something she also stressed upon in her lectures and workshops she organized.

In the late 1970s Hay took advantage of her studies and beliefs when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Not willing to undergo conventional treatment or medication for her sickness, Hay treated herself by following a regime of forgiveness, coupled with therapy, nutrition, reflexology and occasional enemas. For me, this displays one of the most authentic and true examples ofliving with optimism.

Why is living with optimism easier said than done?

Our bodies can not tell the difference between an image we are experiencing first hand, an image we are watching on the TV or an image that we are creating in our mind through thought. So if our thoughts are that of " I'm unattractive" and that thought occurs consistently and daily, then the universe and all co operative components conspire to match those beliefs. After all, a belief is a thought that is thought over and over again. Recurring thoughtsbecome beliefs, the same way a bulb becomes a daffodil.

Simple steps to living with optimism

Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Becoming consciously aware of the thoughts filling our minds every second of the day is the best place to start. Stillness, silence and positive thinking all contribute to a deeper sense of optimism.

Stillness is the state or an instance of being quiet or calm. Setting aside a few minutes a day to be silent in silence. It can be as simple as taking a few extra minutes in the men's or lady's or pausing in your car or office for a few minutes in between errands or appointments. Practices such as yoga, pilates and therapeutic dance are great forms of moving mediation, providing stillness for the mind. Whenyou tap out of life for a bit, you emerge with a deeper feeling of optimism.

Silence Silence is the lack of audible sound or presence of sounds of very low intensity. By analogy, the word silence can also refer to any absence of communication, including in media other than speech. Cutting out the excessive noise provides an environment of peace. With time and practice, the inner messages will become more audible. This could be as simple as sitting on a park bench alone at lunch time and focusing on eating rather than talking to colleagues.

Optimism  is a mental attitude or world view that interprets situations and events as being best, meaning that in some way for factors that may not be fully comprehended, the present moment is in an optimum state. The concept is typically extended to include the attitude of hope for future conditions unfolding as optimal as well. The more broad concept of optimism is the understanding that all of nature, past, present and future, operates by laws of optimism along the lines of Hamilton's principal of optimization in the realm of physics. This understanding, although criticized by counter views such as pessimism, idealism and realism leads to a state of mind that believes everything is as it should be, and that the future will be as well.


With most households having multiple TV sets each with hundreds of different channels. Multiple devices that connect to the internet on the go which provide access to email, instagram, facebook, kick, skype, tango, let alone text and good old phone calls that are constantly in use we are living at a time when we are almost constantly plugged in toand financial crises of the world; this creates an air of fear, lack and mistrust. Avoiding Our brains that never has time to 'tap out' and absorb and process the now. Our brains are on over load and as I mentioned earlier, can't tell the difference between what we watch on TV and what is happening in our living space. Become selective with your choice of entertainment and try and un-plug from your gadgets for a few hours per week. Less drama more optimism!

Creativity-Connect with your inner child- Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby something new is created. Singing, dancing, playing and producing art work are all activities we regularly carried out as children. Spending an hour or so per week having fun can remind us what it's like to be a child when life just wasn't that serious! It lifts the mood and is a great distraction form 'adult' responsibilities. Just think of how happy children are and everything is possible to them, they exude optimism!

Identify your sticking points. Where are you negative sticking points? Do you fall down at the same point continuously? Can you see what happens yet can't seem to move beyond your circumstances? Do you surround yourself with positive people who exude optimism OR negative people? What is blocking you from living with more optimism?

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