My blind leap of faith off a cliff

As a success, freedom and happiness coach, life mentor and deep transformation facilitator I make it my priority to walk my talk as much and as often as I can and show up to life the way I encourage my clients and students to.

This means making the most of each day, fully utilising my surrounding sending as much time outside of my comfort zone as possible. I remain in a constant state of awareness asking myself inquisitive questions along the way For me, staying the same or settling for mediocre or allowing my fears to keep me stuc or apart from my desires is not an option.       

To mark my 38th birthday I wanted to embrace being in Cyprus, my Island of origin and fuse family, fun and extreme adventure. We spent 48 hours on boats, snorkeling,  being pulled at full speed by a speed boat while holding on for dear life with sea water smacking us in the face, but the epitome and the most sacred for me was being able to bring to life a theoretical idea that I have been teaching and sharing about this past month in my work, blog, vlog and podcast. The Universe gave me the perfect opportunity to be the person I desire to be, a leader by example and the chance to immerse myself in my own teachings! 

Because the mind, the body and the soul are connected you see, any time we are stuck or fearful in one area, it will manifest and hinder us in another area. One of my tips for letting go and shifting personal limitations is to do something pysical. Walk it out, dance it out, run it out, play the falling backwards onto  bed or having a loved one catch you game. OR leap of a cliff like I did!

In the video you'll see my brave jump but you'll also see how utterly petrifired I was. In the car journey I bit my nails ( something I used to do as a child) Standing just before the small jumping platfrom my legs turned to jelly and I was almost in tears.  It took me forever to overcome the invisible blocks I'd placed in front of me and even though I had crowds of people cheering me on and promising bottles of champaigne (which I got in the end btw!) the only way I could do it was by going inside and connecting to my inner being, my higher self, my heart and most intelligent all knowing part of me and calling on God and Ganesh, the Hindu God responsible for removing obstacles. Only then, after silencing my mind chatter and the noise coming from the people around me (have a look at th video for a glimpse of how noisy it was) could I really remember how invincible & powerfulI was.

Granted, the support helped and was a powerful reminder of how much life loves me anda divine message from my guides and the Universes that I'm so supported in all I desire and do, but when push came to shove it was me, alone with my inner being that could focus all my energy into jumping, and no one else could be an influence.

I want to get really real with you now. Yes, even realer than me jumping off a cliff to show you that anything's possible!

Life doesn't wait. If you're holding so tightly onto how you thought life should be then stop it. Let go and go with the natural flow. No matter how frightened you are, do what it takes to make yourself comfortable each step of the way.

It's time to catch up and keep up with your current situation, desires, passions and dreams. They haven't shown up by accident, they are there to guide you and show you the way. Stop ignoring them or pushing them away. Life loves you and you deserve to love your life. 

If I can do all thatI've done in my life including leaping off the edge of a cliff then I am 100% certain that you can too. It's a given, it's the truth, now you must believe.  Enjoy the video. I have included footage of my children following suit and taking their own leaps of faith too! I was and still am soooo proud of them. I'm ecstatic that I get to teach them the truth at such a young age, that you can Be, Do & Have Anything you desire and the you deserve to.

Now it's your turn.....

Maria K.Comment