Self challenge = UpGrade

I'm approaching the end of a 30 day challenge that I set myself at the end of last month. It has 2 parts to it. The first being a daily physical yoga practice lasting around 30 minutes, the second a set of chanting mantra meditations. 

The challenge requires me to dedicate at least 90 minutes per day regardless of what other commitments I have going on during that day and for the most part it's been ok There have been some very early starts though in order for me to complete my challenge as well as my other commitments with teaching, facilitating workshops, client sessions, generally showing up for the UpGrade With Maria K community. Parenting, running a home and socialising too.

Why did I choose to do this challenge?

Well, I've been on a personal and spiritual development, personal and professional UpGrade journey for more years than I have fingers now. For the most part things are going very well and are on track. I strongly believe the following though 'There's always room for more'. 

The goal posts keep moving, because I keep moving them.

I already had a successful daily yoga practice, but I had a tendency to take the gently gently route whenever I could. I chant mantra now and again as part of my daily practice but never for 53 minutes straight. My ego always would have me stop after 30 minutes. By deepening both practices and committing to them on new levels, I've been able to explore and stretch the outer boundaries of my capabalities. I've been able to remember how strong, determined, dedicated and limitless I am. Not to mention reaping the deeply beneficial effects of the practices and rituals themselves. My body feels stronger. My runs are easier, my ability to remain peaceful and calm during adversity has heightened, and the blocks and obstacles that had been hanging around have been dissolving like aspirin in a glass of water.

We have recently changed the format of the teen and tweens's education and learning. (my 12 & very almost 14 year old) Gradually phasing in more autonomic study time that includes personal preferance led activity and study and personal goal setting both in the academic and leisure arena. I watched in awe this week as both my son and daughter got on with their self imposed individual fitness regimes in the family lounge, utilising iphone apps that they have each selected.

I believe, when one develops the ability to self govern and motivate, mountains can be moved.

Of course, thereare many contributing, motivating and additional factor to both my own and my children's challenge choices.

The leading reason for sharing this topic with you though is for the definitive valuuable take away points that you could borrow and apply to accelerate the advancement and up thejoy factor in your chosen areas.

Find an intrinsic motivator. We grow up with constant messages and motivations that come from outside of us. 'Tidy your room and you'll get your pocket money', 'Study hard and you'll get good grades and avoid detention'. The if you do this, then you'll get that! model works sometimes, but can actually do more harm than good. It's a finding that's been proven by social scientists yet it's widely ignored in the education and corporate worlds. When you are navigating your life in conjunction with your inner guidance system, on point and purpose, the routes you choose, no matter how temporarily challenging will offer up the perfect intrinsic motivator, giving you a deepdesire to succeed that comes from your soul, your heart, the very core of your being.That Urge tocomplete thetask or Upgrade inducing activities will be more poerful than anything anyone could ever prescribe to you.

Moving Forward. Set yourself small goals each week or month. This will keep you engaged, on track and super aware of how you're developing or not as the case may be. Your UpGrade willnot happen over night. that wouldn't be fun anyway! I love tracking my progress by playing the 'this time last year' game! If you prefer a more mathematical approach though, go for it!  Watch your journey in awe and wonder as you evolve at different speeds and paces, soaking up every milestone big and tiny- that is part of an ever forward moving successful transformation.

Keep it fresh and become your own boss. When the focus is current and relevant to the stage of your inner and outer development, your inspiration and interest, staleness might knock but the door will be firmly shut! This is YOUR unique journey so avoid following a one size fits all program or regime as it's surely a recipe of overwhelme and misery. Help in the from of a coach or mentor is highly recomended along the way. I wouldn't be where or who I am today without my coaches and mentors. This doesn't belittle the value of practicing self sufficiency though. Learning to and practicing leading yourself from a place of humility, positive encouragement and sometimes a plain old 'just beeping get over youeself and get on with it' will equip you with much of what stands in betwen successful and unseccsfull people.

Become your own Mr or Mrs Motivator. Set yourself a 21 day or 30 day challenge. Stick to it. If you fall off, get back on and start again. Pick a challege that's specific to your area of upGrade e.g write a chapter a day if you're writing a book. Or, e.g a meditation challenge which will sky rocket any area of your life that requires bettering.

Don't do it alone. Comment below, send me an email via the contsct form on this website or post in the facebook group UpGrade with Maria K and share details of your Challenge. By sharing you'll be allowing me and the UpGrade community to support you, plus you may just inspire someone to set their one challenge. 

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