September is the NEW January

Everywhere you go there is evidence of the air of newness that closely accompanies the month of September.

Adverts of back to school attire, pics of little ones on their first day at school, pics of bigger ones on their first day at high school, talk of college courses, university and adult education programs.

Yes, we associate this month with the end of the summer which for many could bring a sense of loss or sadness. Yet when one things ends, another MUST begin.

The possibilities are endless regardless of your age.

I used to feel quite low at the end of August every year until I began looking at things differently. Now I get so excited at the uninterrupted opportunity that the post summer season brings with it.

It's kind of a grace period, so to speak, before winter kicks in.

We tend to think of January as the month in which we 'get on top of' our health and fitness. Nearly everyone you speak to in January has joined a gym, a new exercise class or is on a diet!

I guess the fact that January is the first month of a brand new year makes it more logical to the mind to begin a fresh!

However, in my view, January regimes are so outdated. Winter is a time for nurture, conservation and rest. Most animals hibernate for goodness sake and we (also animals) are frantically trying to re-shape our entire biology. Seems so against the grain!

I now love September as  a month of starting out and re-focusing again after a fun filled care free summer season. The weather is still on our side, lighter mornings and evenings and energies are still elevated not to mention the amazing array of fresh fruits and vegetables available to us.

A little like the Autumn harvesting of fruits and vegetables, this season is a time for reaping the rewards of the harvest of reflective and contemplative thoughts and ideas we have sewn the seeds of all summer long.

Whether you are parent claiming back your 'me time' vowing to do things differently this school year after the school holidays, a student settling back into the life of study having decided that a healthy body equals a healthy mind equals healthy study, a teacher, educator or school worker promising to take care of the whole of them this academic year, September can be a time for a second chance; a new pop at living life in a more holistic way.

So whatever your line of work, point in life or situation, chances are you would have been on some level 'asking' for a better feeling body.

If you're feeling unhappy with your health or body, have a serious think about what you could do this month that will have you feeling better and get you closer to your goal.

It’s not to say you will achieve it all in one month, or even to months, but how awesome would it be if you were to get to December 31st without the prospect of those dreadful New Years resolutions looming. How cool would it be if you could, very tongue in cheek of course, look January straight in the eye and say 'bring it on my old friend Jan...cos I’m ready for fact I'm one step ahead'!

Just saying.....

If you're not quite sure how to get started this September, sign up for a 'September is the NEW January' session with me!  This session is a tailor designed single one off laser focus plan of action session lasting 45 minutes. Based on a analysis of food, activity levels, stress related barriers and work life balance I will  equip you with a clear, step by step plan of action that you can follow between now and January to get started with your health, wellness and fitness goals. So come January you'll be able to do what we are realy designed to do, relax and recuperate!

To register for your September is the NEW January session contact me. 

 Much love and NOW living

Maria Karpasitis

Transformational Life Coach

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