Setting boundaries and intentions this summer

Summer is well and truly under way! (Yeeyyy!!!)

The weather is finally blessing us with it's beauty and we're all feeling good, hot but good!

This, however, might not be such a yeyyy inducing idea for some.

For those of us with a family and children who still live at home the idea of the summer break can be stressful. You start off with all great intentions then by week two the kids are thriving and the adults are frazzled and counting down the weeks to "Back to school" day!

Having to entertain children of whatever age for anything up to 8 consecutive weeks is a project from start to end in itself. I feel I also need to address the many grandparents out there who take on the role of summer camp leaders so willingly each summer!

Summer time doesn't just mean more children around for more of the time, even for those who don't have little people running around it can also induce a total routine overhaul.

A change in routine is as good as a holiday they say.......right?

The lovely freedom of having more time with friends to enjoy the balmy summer evenings with a jug of pimms.

The all day family BBQ's and picnics.

The day's of travelling and playing the happy tourist whether at home or abroad.

The annual two week holiday that you spend all year working for and the whole of July shopping and packing for and then the whole vacation getting on each others nerves because you're all so wound up it takes you ten days to unwind so technically you spend all year working to pay for a 3 day holiday because the last day is spent packing and travelling home.

Ok so I'm being a little tongue in cheek here but Is it possible to reach the end of the summer vacay and still be your happy calm cantered self?

I used to think not! In my days when my middle name was martyr and giving was something I placed above all else the thought of extended periods of time with kids or family members around was a little icky for me.

But those were the days when I hadn't fully taken on the importance of setting clear boundaries for myself and also the importance of my 'alone' time.

As my children finish school for the summer I'm actually excited. I'm eager to spend some relaxed time getting to know the real little people I share my home with rather than the ones who are tired after the school day and weekly commitments and playing catch up on the weekend.

I know that I am too addicted to feeling good to neglect the activities that I know mould the Maria that I'd opt to be around any day.

When I'm feeling good, I'm a better mum. When Iā€™m feeling good, my reactions to stressy situations are slower and more deliberate. When I spend time in the morning to meditate and set my tone for the day I am a totally different person and pretty much sail through the day and even when things go little stray I can immediately see the gift of the situation or the valuable lesson.

Setting clear boundaries really can only come once we acknowledge the importance of what it is we are intending to 'protect' or 'maintain'.

In my case, I'm intending to protect and maintain my alignment with my own inner being because I know that when I'm in good alignment I'm more likely to show up for life as the better version of me.

Putting your personal care first is a little bit like how they advise you to put on your own oxygen mask first in case of emergency before fitting anyone else's.

It makes good sense that if you can't breath how would you ever be able to help anyone else around you. In fact, if you don't, you'll become a burden for them because you'll just be another casualty.

If you're trying to watch your food intake to lose weight, for example, and you don't bother preparing wholesome meals for yourself because you'd rather cook what everyone else likes you're likely to feel resentment by the end of the summer. Resentment for those around us causes arguments and misunderstandings.

If you enjoy exercising or going for a run and you stop during the summer months just think about the effects it'll have on your whole life. Moods will darken because of the lack of endorphins in the body, muscle tone and body shape will change, flexibility and general well being will diminish.

Whatever it is for you that gets you into that 'happy place', or is a vehicle for your achieving certain wellness goals, keep it close to your heart. Think of it like you're insurance policy for yourself and those around you. No insurance, no payout when things go wrong!

Put yourself first so that you can share the happiness that you create within you as a result of doing what makes you feel good with those around you.

There are ways of modifying or switching things around to fit in with 'summer'!

In my free 7 day audio guide I talk about the importance of flexibility and not being too rigid in our regimes or in life.

So at this point I'd like to wish you a happy summer and an even happier time staying in your 'happy place'!

Questions and feed back are warmly welcomed.

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