Start where you're at. Start with TODAY.

In order to achieve different results, something needs to change. I'm not telling you anything you new here, it's safe to say it's fact. Change can be daunting though, even positive change.

For the most part, it can be overwhelming to figure out where in the world to begin for the best. Our minds have this great tendency to want to race ahead and bring up as many reasons why you shouldn't even bother to try to improve something that's been tugging at you to address because "well it's just going to be too hard to lose the excess baby weight, quite smoking or start an exercise regime".

Our ego loves to see us fail and struggle in misery and will offer up a thousand excuses to get you to remain at the grips of it's darkness.

I say we start where we're at. Right at the beginning of NOW. Not what I did 2 years ago that worked for me or not what I ate for 6 months in my twenties that got me to my leanest. No....forget what was and focus on what is as your current starting point.

That means first making peace with what you look at in the mirror every morning. That means finding a way to love the body and life that you're in right now.

Here's a great exercise for making friends with your life & body as it is; which in turn creates a powerful spring board for you to jump into your transformational journey.

When you look in the mirror and all you see are your flaws and the results of your 'bad habits & behaviours', sit for a while and for every flaw you unlovingly pick out, locate within you a loving replacement statement for that flaw. One of mine for example is " Wow my crows feet are getting really deep these days...S*!T I'm getting old." and my loving replacement statement is " Wow my crows feet sure are deep these days.... I must smile so often and when I do I smile it must be with my whole face. Every time I smile with my face I share a little piece of my heart with those I encounter every day. What a beautiful gift" Another of mine is " Damn stretch marks on my stomach, they're with me for life...grrr" and my loving replacement statement is "Wow....what a beautiful reminder that my body has given me the gift of my healthy children and I have remained healthy through it all too".

Have fun trying it out. The trick is to relax and be honest with yourself. No pretending!!!

Starting where you're at involves a lot of NOW living. 'Now living' means taking things even slower than one day at a time is that's ever possible.

We are at our most worrisome when our mind is wondering. We are either fretting about the past or worrying about the future.

Allowing the mind to wander off on mini journeys such as "What if I just can't do it this time"? "What if I'm too old to quite my bad habit"?. "What if my work and family commitments hinder my good intentions"? is a recipe for massive discomfort and enough to have you stuck in a place of never quite getting started.

My advice is keep things simple and manageable. Treat your regime as you would treat a weaning baby. One spoonful at a time and one taste at a time. You'd never give a baby a 5 course meal on the first day of tasting food, the baby would go into shock. So at all costs avoid overhauling your whole life on a Monday morning or January 1st. Ease into and new ways and habits and ease out of old ones gently and gradually.

Ask yourself where am I at today? What could I add to my diet, life, exercise regime that will bring value to my body? What one thing can I do today that will bring me one step closer to my desired state?

In my 21 days to wellness program this is exactly what I facilitate you through. 21 days of gentle removal and enhancement. A balance of the old and the new. A soft flow of allowing the body to come back to it's natural state of clever self regulation and re-balancing.

So my friends, if it all looks too daunting from where you're standing then you are trying to run before you can walk. Running at full speed without first warming up is sure to cause you pain and injuries that will hold you back from reaching your full potential.

It's not that you CAN'T do's more that you CAN'T do it ALL TODAY.

Much love & success

Maria K

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