{Story} Divine Message From A Blocked Pipe

We are back in our UK home for a couple of weeks and in the first 48 hours of being here a huge block developed in the kitchen sink. I went down the usual routes of pouring a whole bunch of super strong liquids and powders down there to no avail, and since I'm no whizz with DIY and my plumber was out of reach for a few days I was stumped! So I followed my own advice when you don't know what to do, do nothing!

Then I was advised by a friend to undo the pipe work and explore the block myself which at first attempt I couldn't find. I hadn't delved deep enough. So then, after another day or so I did just that. I unscrewed, undid, took apart, broke down every last part of what was once the very secure and eficient pipe system.

It worked! I found, identified and removed the blockage. Once I'd located it, getting it clear was quick and easy. What should have then taken a matter of minutes though, the re-fitting of the pipe work, took almost 2 hours. And still I couldn't do it. Despite my can do solution seeker attitude. The pipes were not playing the game! I started to become frustrated with not having a snapped a pic of the original pipe design so that re-assembling would be easy. 

So after all, I called my plumber out. He scratched his head for a long time too! My ego secretly liked that he couldn't do it either but the mystery remained. Fast forward to just under an hour later. We both agreed that however the pipes wanted to fit back will be fine and that (here's the big A-ha) just as long as it works for right NOW. 

Moving this crazy story of mine into a relevant applicable take away pointer to assist us first of all in life in general, but more specifically with our life UpGrade, goes something like this....

Point no 1 - Life loves you

Point no 2 - Because life loves you, it will not stand back and allow you to settle for mediocre; especially if you've consciously or subconciously asked for more

Point no 3 - Every day life is the perfect place to flag up, understand & clear what isn't working and present you with valuabe lessons to set into motion. Not the doctors office, personal development seminar or self help book

Point no 4 - When things break open or fall apart, be open to them coming back together in a new, fresh and UpGraded form

Life does this, not to annoy us, put us through our paces or 'toughen us up' but to have us address, clear and resolve anything that is misaligned with the UpGraded life or life area that we are moving into.

  For example if you have an intention to become fully self employed and leave your salaried job, life will likely bring to your attention all of your limiting beliefs around making a success of being your own boss. If you subconsciously believe that financial security only comes from a steady job then that's an incongruent belief that isn't supportive of your desired Upgraded Life. Low level thoughts, mindsets and beliefs have to go, and life loves you so much that it's willing to force you to do what it takes to clear it out. The problem, struggle, block or breakdown has shown up to bring you a very poignant message and provide you with a golden opportunity to deeper understand your inner world, it's correlation with the world around you and your reltionship to it.  

So next time life forces you take something apart for un-blocking, don't spend hours trying to fit it back together in it's original format beacuse it's likely there's a brand new UpGraded version waiting in the wings to fly you forward onto your next magical life destination........

Maria K.Comment