Taking A blind Leap Of Faith Without Crashing

Were you ever are taught to weigh up all the pros and cons before charging ahead? Gather all the information first. Don't make any hasty decisions? I was! And after a while I started to ignore that advice and go it alone!  

It's quite widely frowned upon, this leap of faith business, and that's because it's widely misunderstood. 


I didn't always get it 'right' but as you may know I don't buy into right or wrong anymore, prefering to see everything as an opportunity for growth and learning. Yet the more I developed a two way trust relationship with my inner being, the less times I got it 'wrong'!

Taking the 'plunge', I feel, doesn't actually need to be so scary. Granted, any time there's a change or UpGrade brewing or building up it can bring about a sense of excitement, nervous energy that is often misconstrued as alarm bells or that all paralysing fear when in fact on an emotional scale, they feel almost identical. The trick is to become so self aware that identifying the diference is a part of who you are and how you operate.

If we match an image to the term 'leap of faith' it's likely to feature a cliffs edge of some kind and a figure about to throw herself off the edge with all fingers and toes crossed for good measure. There are times when nothing less than a cliff top leap will do, however, I believe, it's not the only way to courageously progress in life. Sometimes we need to take small steps, tiny shuffles on an uneven, instable, chalk like terrain. The risk being just as real, just as much of a leap.

Doing so with utmost self awareness, attention to the messages pouring outwards from inside your soul, the nudges, inspirations, communications....

Yes, I bring it back to the relationship with ones self, yet again. But hear this. When you place yourself in the hands of the one that really does have your best interest at heart, the one that signed up for the job of ensuring that you fulfil your life purpose achieving not only success but freedom and happiness too, whether you take a traditional blind leap of faith or an updated inner being lead shuffle, you'll never crash, you'll never fail, because where you'll be is exactly where you needed to be in order to become a perfect vibrational match for the next part of your personal life upGrade. 

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