The Art Of Self Acceptance

Self acceptance is an art form not unlike that of sculpting or painting. Practice makes acceptance.......

Practicing the art of self acceptance is something we could all spend some time on; I know I still have to work at it!

It is far easier to criticize ourselves all day long than it is to practice a little self acceptance.

Why is it difficult to include words of self acceptance into your internal dialogue?

A tip I often give to my clients is, only talk to yourself the way you'd talk to a friend. The last thing we want to do is to use harsh and unkind words that will hurt a friend; so considering yourself as your friend, using only kind and helpful words and notice how much easier it become to practice the art of self acceptance.

As corny as it may sound as as silly as you may feel doing it, tell yourself several times a day "I LOVE YOU". There can be no deeper self acceptance than expressing unconditional love for all that you are. TRY IT!

Self acceptance is easy when you realize how truly amazing your are.

Take time to really think about how amazing your body is, how your energy systems work in conjunction with one another. How every day, your body supports you in all you need to do.

You never have to remember to breath or digest your food. You are a miracle, regardless of any flaws you may think you have.

Here's to a deeper self acceptance...

Maria K.Comment