The Big Soul Clean Up

I spent last weekend with a wonderful soul brother of mine and as usual we talked about stuff that had been happening and coming up for us since the last time we had hung out.

I was intrigued but not surprised to hear that he too had been guided away from choosing red meat in his diet. It was not a conscious decision that either of us had made neither was it a set in stone "I'm now a vegetarian do not dare to bring meat to the dinner table" announcement. But more of a gentle nudge in a direction that involved the consumption of little or no red meat.

I have to just profess my love for my own intelligent body at this point. For the past few years, I haven't really needed to DO, seek or try to achieve much of anything. In fact, the more I surrender to the simplicity of it all, the more goodness my body calls for and guides me towards.

I have to tell you my friends, I am told exactly what to eat and what not to eat. I'm guided towards the relevant information at crucial moments. The information I am receiving, I must add, I am not searching for or seeking intentionally. That's what makes it all even more cool!

Whilst hosting my retreat a few weeks ago, one of the retreaters asked me, during cocktail hour (as I was sipping my virgin mojito) "So how DID you give up alcohol"? Stating that she too would love to be able to do it.

My reply was:

 "Once I started loving my body, my body started loving me right back by releasing all the habits and addictions that no longer were a match to the new shinier more fulfilled me"

I have realised that for years I was artificially aiding my existence with extra strong coffee's, sugar, artificially enhanced foods and alcohol. When I took up a daily practice of meditation, therapeutic dance (, yoga, walking in nature and started to disengage from all the daily dramas that were leading me to self medicate I was gifted with the releasing of all the habits that were standing in the way of my true wellbeing. I will add here that true well being is not having a size 8 figure or little or no cellulite. It is a strength, vibrancy and eagerness for life and the inner knowing of what your body needs and when it needs it.

So my big soul clean up began with my aversion to coffee. I gradually went from multiple cups of strong coffee per day to one per day then to decaff then to no coffee at all, over a very short period of time. At the time I was still not clued up as to why it was happening but luckily the force was much bigger than any rationalising or reasoning I could come up with. I even had friends asking if I was pregnant!

Next in line was alcohol. I was never a week day drinker, my job just wouldn't allow it really! Facing a full day of teaching exercising and dance with a hangover was not something I was not eager to experience so my drinking was confined to weekends. It started with my  desire to never wanting again to experience those depressive low post night out hangover days where your only solace is in high fat sugary foods and little or no movement at all. Then I found I was uncomfortable being even a little out of control after more than 2 drinks. Soon after, I found myself being so content with the sense of well being and vibrancy in my body that I no longer wanted to not feel that way even for a day.

I have since experienced the same catharsis with dairy, sugar, highly refined foods and now meat. And as long as I am well rested, calm and in my 'Zone' it is never a problem to me that I have been guided to eat in such a way.

My body is my best friend as it know exactly what I need at any given moment. The great thing is, it will still tell me when it's time to eat pizza and ice cream and of course when your best friend needs pizza and ice cream, you give her pizza and ice cream!



Maria K.Comment