The freedom to choose and the courage to choose freely.

I believe that freedom is one of our most valuable comodities in life.                                         

If you've ever experienced a lack of it at anystage in your life, it's likely that you value it much more than someone who grew up in a family, religion or culture that provided good amounts of it. 

 Being raised in a border line middle eastern culture (which I actually adore now!) meant that autonomy, independence and freedom were not easily available to me. I grew up without the freedom to choose. I developed a strong fascination and passion for all things freedom or lack of freedom related.

From a young age I was fixated with & researched and studied strict cultures and religions, slavery and dictatorial set ups both familial and govermental and put my zest for personal freedom and the human right that belongs to us above all else. I now dedicate my work to putting it out there, coaching and teaching that the one thing you do have, we all have, is the freedom to choose. 

One thing I have observed is that even with full percetnage of freedom afforded to us from our external world, as humans we are very good at creating our own personal living prison cells. This happens for a myriad of reasons which are unique and personal to you, your past experiences, your life purpose and your soul journey. 

My battle for freedom caused me to create such rigid confines in my life at times as an adult because feeling free was still way too uncomfortable. I have spent many years clearing, healing and re-patterning anxiety and panic tendencies related to fear of freedom.

Once I had the freedom to choose, I then needed to develop the courage to choose freely. This was an ongoing project and still requires my attention today.

Thankfully, the running theme, that I have come to know, in people who for whatever reason have experienced restriction and struggle or fight for their right to decide for themselves on any scale is their courage, passion and tenacity in utilising their new found freedom, voice and choice to it's fullest capacity for change, personal improvement, education, a highetened state of living and never being willing to settle for mediocre or inauthenticity again.

Not utilising our freedom to it's maximum capacity is like going to an all you can eat buffet and choosing only a small starter plate of one type of food. If life were the all you can eat bufett wouldn't you be curious to try a few more dishes? I urge you to grab hold of that courage and go up to the buffet as many times as you need to. Have the courage to choose the choices that bring you steadily closer to an every day experience that is 5 star plus.

Whatever the root cause of your weak courage muscle, whether it be fear of freedom because you got so used to not having it , laziness or terror to stretch outside of your comfort zone or complacency because freedom is something you've always had all is not lost. You can with time and atebtion reawaken your courage to bring your true self to light and your desires into manifestation.

Switch on your I CAN'T DETECTOR so that you can become super aware of where you are holding back.


There's always more than one way to do the same thing so Start to QUESTION EVERYTHING.

Delving deep into the inner workings of WHY you do what you do and how SAFE YOU ARE PLAYING It by doing the same old, same old.

Then REFRESH YOUR FREEDOM by creating new systems, processes, ways being, jobs, careers, family routines etcthat are congruent with our current desires for success, freedom and happiness. (See blog entited how to let go of what's serving you)

Refreshing your freedom is all about taking a look at what you have going on and tuning in to whether it's suiting you right now and who you want to become as the UpGraded version of you?! Then developing the courage to let it go or replace it with what IS in alignment ifthe answer is no.

Your freedom is eternal, you could never ever ever use it all uo as long as you live......In order to maintain it though, you must use it and use it regularly, daily, moment by moment. The freedom to choose and the courage to choose freely because without courage your dreams are just good ideas. 

Maria K.Comment