The Truth

.......and nothing but The Truth

I'm going to share with you some principles, some very back to basic ideas that were designed to hand the key of re-empowerment back to people. The Truth is we start off in that blissful carefree childhood state where we care about nothing much else otherthan feeling good; which usually involves huge verbal expressions of joy in front of strangers, eating with our fingers and being totally unaware of what we are wearing let alone how big our bottom looks or how stupid we look dancing to our favourite tune in the supermarket.

Our parents dote on us and at the age of 11 months blowing raspberries in public is something we are showered with love and praise for doing. As a small child, we can't get it wrong. Our authenticity and creativity is constantly being coaxed out of us as those around us can not wait to meet the new personality that is blossoming hour by hour in front of there very eyes.

Then we reach that age. That age when it no longer is ok to sing at the top of our voices, totally out of tune in the department store, that age when we are expected to eat a certain way, speak a certain way,  dress a certain way and now by pre-school age we are cajoled and coaxed into doing everything in our power to be exactly like all the other kids. "Look at little Johnny, he's eating his lunch like a good boy". Look at how nicely Molly is sitting at the table doing her drawing". We are now learning that when we do our best to 'fit in' we will be praised (and which adult doesn't like praise, let alone child? ) and when we go against the crowd we will be frowned upon. We are successfully having our uniqueness extracted from us in return for societal acceptance. Acceptance leads to connection to those aroundus which is one of our basic human needs for survival. We need to fit in to survive; or so we are trained to believe by our parents, teachers and peers.

The result of all of this is that we are systematically trained away from our own guidance systems and what is tricky about that is that as we try to please all these different people in order to fit in, we become these multifaceted personalities who are totally disconnected from our own inner beings. The relationship between our own inner beings, in my experience, is the most important one. We are taught that pleasing ourselves is selfish. We are taught that listening to our own inner guidance is negative. As children, we are told that others around us know better than us. That this is the way it's always been done in our school, family, culture, gender. This has led to a western world populated with adults whom, without the 'expertise' of Doctors, physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists and health experts would find it a challenge to survive.

Allow me to clarify the truth

Allow me to clarify for a moment here. In every case, in all the above discussed scenarios, those fore-mentioned were well meaning. No parent, teacher, friend, relative or the like want to instill conformity in a child and teach them the art of dependency as a life skill, so they experience struggle as an adult. Far from it. It's ALL they knowthough; because it's what they have been taught. Now though, as a humanity, we are calling out for something more, something more fulfilling to our souls and spirits and it gives me great pleasure to be able to impart here with you today some of  The Truth that I have been so blessed to know.

The Truth according to The World Groove Movement

No one cares what you look like. If they do it's their problem.

Usually when someone is judging you, it's closely connected to the hang ups they have about their own body, hair, weight, skin tone. "You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things". Romans 2:1

Your way is the right way. You are creative and your way is the perfect way for you.

You might know some good advice about how to open your own business, lose weight, or develop a loving relationship; but, ultimately, success is in how YOU negotiate obstacles and pitfalls. In The Groove environment we encourage the cultivation of trust between YOU & YOU.


You should look different. 

When are being truly authentic and not copying, you will be and look like your uniqueself. Have you ever contemplated that no two snow flakes are the same?
This truth is connected to the massive pressures that the modern media has on us. The ideal image is constantly thrown around like there's no tomorrow when in reality, we are all supposed to look different. Physically, we are what our DNA determines us to be. My hair colour was determined when I was conceived, so was my skin- and eye colour. Whether I would be tall or short was also determined then. HOW COOL IS THAT?

All of these are just great ideas until you put them into practice.

One of the 7 steps to creating a compelling future according to Tony Robins, is "Shift Your Body". The idea behind this is that whenever a transformational process is being facilitated through therapy or coaching, adding some kind of physical movement to the equation (in this case Groove Dance) can help to lighten the mood of the person, forcing them to become more connected to and aware of their body. This helps them to relax both emotionally and physically, release emotions that are stuck or suppressed and truly experience FEELING in the body not just THINKING in the head. This forces the body's vibrational level to increase and the changes that occur are on a more permanent cellular level as a pose to purely a bunch of conceptual ideas of the mind. The results really are truly phenomenal.

Learn to apply The Truth in your life

THEGROOVE DANCEfloor is a safe place where you get to put these very simple truths into practice.

Spend a whole weekend in June of this year experiencing, practicing and embedding the above content and kick off your transformation 'The World Groove Movement way'.

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