The Universe Wanted Me To Dance & Play!

This past weekend we went on a mini tour of Goa's Second City Margao and the Capital Panjim!

We had a great time and we sure were glad we pulled ourselves away from the beach to visit the big cities.... but what a contrast!!

Two words spring to mind.....


As the kids and I are traveling without Keith at the mo, the pressures on me can sometimes be a little over whelming!

Finding a nice place to stay, where to eat, what bus to get etc etc

So when we were approached to go on a Sunset Boat Cruise around the capital and or the party boat on Saturday evening I though " perfect...we can opt for the touring one and see the relevant and important sights in one go "!

Truth is I had my sensible hat on, thinking "We're on a tour, we need to see as much as we can"


The Universe had other ideas!!!

It turns out that the sight seeing boat WAS the party boat!!!

As soon as the Deejay stepped up and the evening began unfolding I could here the whisper " loosen up Maria....don't forget to have fun along the way "!

So my humble lesson during the mini trip was to relax and allow more!

I had a blast practising my Bollywood moves, met some really cool local people and I'm even inspired to take a Bollywood class during the week!

It's really EASY to fall into the 'serious' trap though, even when you're on an adventure like I am!

This can especially be the case when you're embarking on a new way of life or business and even more so at this time of the year.

" I need to save more money "

" I need to earn more money "

" I need to eat less food "

" I need to be more responsible "

" I need to work harder "

" I need to exercise more "

We often pile ourselves so high with shoulds, musts and need to's that anything we are doing at the time can become arduous and it's totally not necessary!

Luckily the Universe stepped in for me and put me where I needed to be on Saturday night!

I'd like to step in for you and help you infuse fun and play into your day as you convert your dreams into reality and upgrade your life!!

With Love

Maria k xx

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