To Surender is not Giving Up

Giving up is fuelled by the belief that something isn't possible.

It's directly tied to the essence of restriction, pain, lack, negativity, fear, pessism and a veering towards worst case scenario thinking. Giving up keeps us stuck. Causes failure after failure. Brings our worst nightmares to life. Buying into the belief that 'I can't be, do or have what I desire'. When life's path is trodden alone, without the presenece or conection to the Source of all that is, locked in the 'reality of the phsyical world' filled with facts, figures, mainstream truths, examples of others experiences as the only example of what could be, the rope that holds you up has already been snipped and fast fraying at the edges. Giving up is like turning you back on yourself when you need yourself most. Putting the voice of your intelligent inner being on mute. Giving up is 'I can't have things how I want or when I want so I'll not have them at all'. Giving up is succumbing to smallness of the mind, just the way the ego planned.

I'll believe it when I see it say's the giver-upper.....

Surrender is fuelled by the belief that everything is possible.

It's expansive, light, trusting, loving, forward thinking, positive and directly connected to a 'can do' attitude. Surrender keeps the flow of life open, expansive, effortless.  Surrender is a co-creative partnership with the Universe. Surrender equals hope, surrender IS prayer, it requires a 'believing to see it' mentality. A surrendered mind is a wide open to the infinite possibilties of our eternal universe. Surrender is an ability to remain true to your higher self, your higher knowing, your desires, passions, to life as it shows up for you, not to you. Surrender is trusting enough to let go of that thing that you desire so much and feel happiness anyway. Surrender is the ability to feel secure and content even if things are 'perfect'. Surrender is the handing over of worries, the details and timing to the Universe.

I surrender because I know I can be, do and have everything I desire and much much more than my mind could ever conceive....

Maria K.Comment