Compulsive Over Eater? Have you tried the love and happiness diet?

Through out the many years of struggle that I experienced with eating disorders, disordered eating, food, my weight and my body being a compulsive eater was a phase that featured very heavily through out my life. As a recoveree of all the conditions mentioned above, I now see so many people living out the very same struggles today and it makes me want to take them by the hand and show them that it needn't be this way for them.

In short, my journey through these times started with one of severe food restriction. Things like cutting out all traceable and visible to the eye fat at meal times and only eating green apples as a snack to eating bran flakes with watered down skimmed milk at meal times when ever I could get away with it.

When a man or woman is going through the realisation that the body has become 'too fat' whether that is a valid observation or one stemming from a disordered body image due to a disease of the kind, the immediate response is to enforce a restriction of the foods in the diet.

Our logical and intellectual mind has been trained to restrict the type and quantity of food intake when an increased fat gain is noted.

Then why are we still faced with the biggest obesity epidemic known to mankind?

Surely we need to re-address the equation here?

My logical mind and intellect was guiding me to make these choices and choose to punish my body even more.

When you add self hate to an already hostile and painful situation, the outcome can not and will not be one of joy, peace and love. If you hate your body, you must first make peace with it in it's true perfection before your ideal body can be revealed.

So it was, when my body could no longer stand to be hated on and abused in the form of lack, restriction and pain, it's need for love and acceptance became the loudest calling. This calling manifested in the form of bulimia and compulsive food addiction.

To a compulsive over eater, the chemical reactions that occur in the body when the desired food is ingested are exactly the same as those which occur in the body of an alcoholic and drug addict.

In all three of these addictions, alcohol, food and drugs their consumption is to meet an unfulfilled or un-met need within the addict. I won't go into a whole long list of possible un-met needs or desires that could be the culprit in such cases because it can be easily and succinctly put into one simple word. LOVE.

You're never going to crave a chocolate bar or a G&T in place of a good snubbing from your partner or spouse? It's highly unlikely you'll want to reach for a large slice of comfort cake when your boss has praised you for something you've done well at work?

Whether a compulsive over eater or comfort eater, typically, food will be your instead of LOVE go to. The thing you crave when you feel empty, unloved, un recognised and un heard.

Looking back now, it totally makes sense to me.

Fast forward a few painful years, the only time my body started to feel peace and resume it's pre-illness weight was when I stared doing a few simple things.

I didn't read them in a book or learn them from an expert. In fact, I'd had it with experts and the logical and intellectual knowledge that as a fitness professional I was supposed to be implementing.

My only saviour ladies and gentlemen was my own inner guidance. When I began doing things MY WAY and listening to my internal voice.

When I began trusting my body and showing it the love that it was calling out for that I'd been searching for outside of my body, from other people all these years, my body repaid me in kind with a healthy, slim, vibrant and strong body.

My whole life transformed and I never woke up again with these worries on my mind.

The only thing on my mind theses days is HOW CAN I HELP OTHERS HEAL THEIR BODY?

Within my work in the health, wellness and weight loss industry I began implementing the techniques and methods that worked for me and I have since helped uncountable people to find peace amongst all the chaos and confusion that is the weight loss industry these days.

It is my mission and life purpose to help on this topic when and where I'm needed......

Please send me a message to say hi and or ask any questions you may have regarding anything you are currently going through. I will happily respnd and offer my guidance.....


Maria K.Comment