Who's Life Are You Living?

It's so easy to get swept along with life. Doing what those around you do, have done or deem appropriate. Truth is, we all have our own very cool path to follow, which is as unique as our finger print. It's why we're here, why we have interests and experiences and passions that we do.

How can we ensure that our life remains our own?                           

How can we snap back after years of living the 'wrong' life? (side note- there are no wrongs, just lessons!) 

I woke up one day and thought WTF?

I come from a very strong cultural background which I love. Growing up though, it didn't leave me much space for individuality, self governance or autonomy. My life was pretty much mapped out for me and before I knew it I was lost in the life of someone that wasn't the real me. This can happen at ANY age to ANY ONE! For me it happened to be my fornmative years right the way through my twenties. I was married at 21 and separated at 29. A business woman one day and bankrupt single mum of 2 the next.

Moving on.

If you're realised that you've lost your way a little. Act now and move on. Don't wait. Make changes- small or big, it doesn't matter. Just do something, anything to get the momentum going. People may not like it, the important part is that YOU DO! It may not be drastic or huge, it maybe be as little as a daily workout; the big things are comprised of the little things though so don't think about it, just do it!

Question everything.

Never take things at face value. The news, the weather, your bank statement, your health. Question everything because there's always more than one way to do the same thing. just because someone said so, doesn't means it's the truth. By challenging everything, you will begin to find YOUR OWN TRUTH and once you find it, you can live it.

Never settle.

It's somewhat easier to remain in the same relationship, job, financial bracket, country, town or even house. Check your motives though. Do you settle because it brings you joy? Or becuase it's far too hard, painful or complicated to follow your hearts desire to change? Settling and surrendering are two very different things. Settling and not giving up, are also two very different things.

Mediocre is a bad word.

You deserve the best. You deserve to have everything you desire. A cleaner, a gym mebership, the partner that puts you fiirst, 3 vacations per year, the house on the beach yes the list IS pretty endless. If your mum, dad, partner, mother in law or anyone else ever told you otherwise, forgive them and take it from me; you deserve to live the exact life you are inspired towards. (Side Note) Notice I used the word inspired. Yes, it's paramount that you become aligned with your inner being before you begin designing your upGraded life. Heart over head all day long! When you allow your head to lead, thats when you end up living the 'wrong' life! So dream bigger, aim higher, go for gold and always, always take the UpGrade. 

So I leave you with this question my dear friend.... Who's life are you living

Maria K.Comment