Why I jacked it all in....and relocated to India!

You know when you're a kid and your favourite dress or pair of trousers start to feel tight and uncomfortable?

No matter how much you adore them they just don't fit anymore!

Well that my friend is what has happened to my whole life recently.

I outgrew my life and no matter how many small tweaks and alterations I tried to make I was still bursting at the seams.

The signs were prevalent. I was being pushed out of my life by a whole host of circumstances and events.

The most prominent of all though, was my deep inner uneasiness.

Not detectable to others, or interfering in my work, just a low level discontentment that to my sensitive self began to feel icky.

I won't call it depression because that's a very strong label and although medical professionals wouldn't think twice to bat that term around, I do.

So, what did I do?....... I tried harder to make it work!!

Something that I DO NOT recommend for you.

You may have been there yourself 

That relationship that you thought would be forever. The one you fought tooth and nail o maintain when really it had passed it's sell by date long before. The job you loved at first but now despise. Friendship groups, homes, foods!

I admit, the decision to leave mine and the children's life behind as we knew it didn't happen over night. It wasn't easy breezy.

There were many doubtful and fearful moments and deep and raw conversations with my Coach and mastermind group.

There were so many things to consider; my partner and children's step father who is in his dream job as head chef in a place he adores, our home, our 4 cats, the kids schooling, finances..... It's a pretty long list!!

The one big bonus in all of this was that my business was already set up as location independent.

It had been my dream to be able to support and help people from anywhere in the world, all over the world and that was already in place.

In the end the ONLY real thing that NEEDED to be considered was the pull!

The pull that was sooooooo powerful it couldn't be ignored any longer.

Much like jumping out of a plane; once you jump you categorically cannot get back in.

I'd asked for an upgraded lifestyle and I was being catapulted directly towards it!

The same happens when you ask for change in life or a particular manifestation. Once you state your wish, as long as it's a heart centred one and not one to please others or fit into an image, the Universe begins to deliver the pieces of your unique puzzle, one by one!

You see, my dream was coming true but I was STILL trying to resist it!

I was losing pieces of my puzzle left right and centre and at times giving them away!

My giant vision board at home is filled with images of travel, exotic beach front locations, freedom and tranquility, happy inspired teenagers who can't wait to jump out of bed on weekdays as well as weekends! Beaches, nature, sun and warmth. Carefree and exciting adventures, delicious fresh foods prepared for us. Did I mention beaches???

This is what most of us do though. We dream, we vision we ask and then we build barriers.

Sound familiar??

Can you identify an area of your life that you've been asking for change in but have been resisting and pushing away from you at the same time?

From start to finish there was only a time lapse of 6 weeks between the decision to leave and finding myself meditating in front of the Arabian Sea during my daily morning practice.

Once the conscious decision was made, nothing would stand in my way. The force was so powerful not even denied entry visas or fully booked flights could stop me.

When you jump out of a plane, whatever's may be in your path, by sheer force will be ousted out of the way.

What do you need to apply these focus principles to.

Where do you need help taking your foot off the break?

It's so so doable! I'm living proof!

Last year I took a leap of faith and every twist and turn has lead me to the perfect next spot ready to continue on my adventure step by step!

I'm pumped share the magic, to extend this out to others who desire to live an upgraded version of their life like never ever before.

If this is you, if you're ready to take your life to the next level, then I invite you to join me in 2015!

There were times in the past few months when I had no idea how things could work; all I knew is that I HAD to take the next step.

Is your next step to take measures to be supported, guided, mentored and coached into converting your dreams into reality?

Is your next step to ensure nothing is left to chance for another year?

Whatever your necessary next step may be to get you out of stuck-ness and into dreamville; are you willing to take it?

Comment below & let me know! 

Love always

Maria K xxx

P.S Here are a few colourful pics from our adventure weekend away in Goa's neighbouring state, Karnataka

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