The Universe is on your side darling…

...doing things FOR you and not TO you.

How about a little T R U S T now and again?! 

A young child is always in a state of trust. It trusts the flow, it trusts life it trusts itself. It trusts the moment.

Moreover it trusts the  universe without question! 

As a result it experiences way more fun, peace, love, happiness, success and freedom.

You'll never hear a child say to another child ' no I can't play with you because I have a habit of making my play mates cry' when all it really wants to do is play and explore experiences with this new soul that the Universe has brought to it!

There just isn't that level of mind activity in a child that would cause it to block 'life' and the Universes divine flow. Children are heart centered and soul led. Children just know with all their being. they feel with their body, their heart and soul not their brain.  

As children, we are directly and strongly connected to the Universe's divine and intelligent guidance making life so much easier to negotiate and navigate through! Children feel into things rather think into things!

As adults though we develop tendencies to control because we believe that we are responsible for everything! 'If I be, do, feel, act a certain way then my life, things, circumstances and events will have the outcome that I want or that I believe is right'!

An adult's heart and soul will feel and know but the mind will try to trump that knowing with seeming logic!

The minds (ego) 'job' is to keep us safe so we're led to believe! How's that working out for you? 

This tendency is fuelled by our belief that we are responsible for everything and that we are doing this (life) alone; without back up, help or something that loves us more than we can love ourselves, ever, rooting for us.

Our attempt to control and organise, block and or cling onto is where all  our pain and struggle lies.

A tree will never grapple with its ripe fruit when it's time for the fruit to fall nor will it try frantically to block the process of birth and creation as the blossom transforms into a delicious piece of fruit. Imagine the scene though if the tree did apply struggle! Totally weird right?!

There's no interference. No control. Simply the natural process of life occurring in its ease and beauty. It's peaceful, it's easy, it's led and taken care of by the same energy source as the circumstances and events of your life.

The trees don't force or barricade. Worry or fret. Mistrust or doubt. Yet as humans this is all we do! It's what we do best!

Are you currently grappling or blocking? Holding on or pushing away?

Are you currently interfering and or meddling with the Universe's work?

How would it be if you began to believe that things are the way they are because they are the next link in your chain or step UP on your UpGrade journey.

How much better could it get if you stopped fighting and went forth in a peaceful state of surrender?

How much joy and happiness would you feel if you didn't feel so responsible for everything all the time?

How freeing would it feel to hand it over to the Universe to take care of?

You know I'm all about freedom darling and I'd much rather surrender than spend my life trying to fight against the biggest most powerful friendly giant out there...... THE BIG U!! (universe!) and it's faired me very well to date!


Maria K.Comment