My teacher told me I would never be a genious and that I needed to work

I'm sharing a snippet of this cringe-worthy story today to highlight how easily a passing comment can powerfully shape our lives. Let's not focus on the misconduct of the teacher at hand here, rather, the huge impact the flippant comment had on my entire existence for way too long!

The fact that I had a totally different learning style to the one that would win me the label of a 'genius' isn't my point  here! The important point to look at here is what my ego mind did with that information. It took it as a danger sign (ridicule, non acceptance, not good enough-ness) and developed a behavior pattern that would 'protect me' forever more from being a dumb failure!

So the story being told by the ego mind here goes something like this: "Right ok, so we're not academically orientated. That is NOT good for many reasons. It's ok though.... with A LOT of hard work we can still pull this off. Let's always work twice as hard as everyone else. You can be successful but it will always take you twice as long with double the work"

Safe to say that story never ever served me in a positive way! Safe to say it was a big pain in the butt too!

 It took massive self exploration on a deep level to unearth the root of that cause & effect occurrence all those very many years ago. That and total despair at the perpetual 'hard work' and 'struggle' that was unconsciously created by ME and my (false) story! 

I'm hovering around this topic still (for another week) because I need to you to comprehend the importance of uncovering and changing any and all stories (no matter their root) that have been hindering you from thriving.

After all, we are totally making 2016 purely about moving from surviving to thriving...right!?

Are you ready to thrive?

You can go way more in depth with me on this in this week’s podcast entitled Rewrite Your Life Story. Remember that my podcast episodes are around 30 or so minutes so that you can easily fit them into your morning, day or evening. So set aside some time and get re-writing!

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