Is Shiva destroying your world?

Shiva, Universe, Angels, Cosmos..... They are all working behind the scenes of your life story!

It's tough to accept sometimes that we are looked after and that everything is happening in our favour.

Especially when all we are experiencing is let down after let down, wrong doing after wrong doing! 

Today in India is a huge Shiva celebration. Shiva is known as a destroyer and restorer of worlds. 

In  order for the UpGrade to occur there must first be the removal of the old. And in case there is any temptation for it to reemerge it is fully destroyed! There is no going back from a true UpGrade. The only way is UP!! 

We wouldn't want it any other way right??

How would it be if we began to accept that when things have 'fallen apart', taken away or been 'destroyed' that perhaps it is so because there is something much more in alignment with what you truly desire and deserve ready to drop in?

How would it be if we saw the redundancy, the abandonment, the business loss, the cancelled flight or fallen through house sale as a higher plan in progress rather than a pain in the butt disaster?

It is our emotional and ego attachments that cause us so much pain. Our expectations, our need for knowing what's next and our deep investment in control. 

Since I began to live my life from this state of grace and acceptance I'm 100% happier and 100% less stressed! Oh and not to mention 100% fixed on my ever UpGrading path! 

What if you could begin to see the negative occurrences in your life as merely the Universe boldly stepping up to take care of you; like a lioness taking care of her cub? 

What at if we could say 'thanks Universe, I know you're making way for something or someone so much better' when things fall apart, even though it might be the last thing we want to say! 

It requires a simple conscious shift in mindset in order to experience a radical shift in your reality.

Worth it id say!!!! 

Click the link to hear more in this weeks podcast episode. It's only 10 minutes short!


Maria K.Comment