Do you trust the Universe?

Or are you busy trying to control every last detail of your life? Are you desperately holding onto what is naturally trying to fall away? How's that working out for you?

The last thing we want to hear when life seems to be going against us or not to plan is talk of how something better is coming to fill its place! Especially when you're heartbroken, scared, anxious, angry or feeling betrayed.

It's really easy to fall into the mind set of 'you did this to me' 'you did that to me' asking questions such as 'why does this always happen to me?'

There are a couple of aspects to this topic that are quite important to address first one being (I'll mention it but I won't elaborate as it's relevant but slightly off topic) You Are A Powerful Co-Creator Of Your Reality. This is the truth but it does not fair us well to overlook how powerless we are at the same time. Yes, an oxymoron we could say but hear this.......

We are powerless only in as much as the Universe loves us more than we could ever love ourselves (which of course is amped up as our self love is) and is never, ever,ever willing to allow us to settle for mediocre once we have declared that we want an Upgrade, no matter how much we had hoped that the UpGrade would happen in the way that WE HAD WANTED!

Once we decide we want a better life, relationship, health, improved career, finances etcetera, the Universe will not allow our laziness, fear, complacency or any other inner or outer block to stop us from Upgrading. It loves us so largely and see's our potential for thriving and outstanding living so clearly that it is willing to do what it takes (even if we are not) to FORCE US to grow, let go, release, take the leap/risk and step up and rise up by overriding us.

There we are stubbornly stating and pointing ' I want this' and the Universe is gleamingly stating and pointing 'But you deserve this, which is so much more than you could ever imagine'!

So how about it? Reckon you could give it a try? Perhaps you're like me? Fed up of fighting and trying to be in control of everything!

Could you begin to trust that the Universe is operating FOR you rather than AGAINST you?

That life happens FOR you not TO you.

I'm currently teaching this to my 2 teenagers! This is us last weekend on a trip to Murudeshwar to hang out with the biggest Lord Shiva statue ever built. Lord Shiva is amongst other things known in the Hindu world to be responsible for destroying the Universe in order to recreate it.

So how would it feel for you if next time things seem as though they are crumbling or disintegrating that they were doing so in order to be recreated BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER? What if.....??? Just saying!!!

Maria K.Comment