I can't be bothered today

Ever have those days when you just can't get motivated?

Today is one of those days for me which is quite fascinating seeing as this week’s topic of focus is the importance of discipline.

To create change, attract, transform, shift or manifest a new way of being, living or thinking requires repetition of a certain activity until it begins to rewire behavioral and or thought patterns.

To repeat something daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the agreement you have made with yourself, your coach/mentor or another professional: perhaps a personal trainer, writing coach or nutritionist requires a huge dose of the big D!

You won't always feel like it, they'll be a million reasons why you shouldn't do it and those reasons are likely to be quite valid too (according to ego!)

For example, I'm still recovering from a secondary throat and chest condition post last months stomach illness which is slowing me down considerably, so I could easily have left my discipline vibe to one side and succumbed to the ego's fair attempt to block this coming out to you today.

Discipline is easy to assert in the early stages because you're so close to starting point which is the point of decision. You made a decision based on something that you wanted more of or less of in your life. Less body weight, more success, less anxiety, more money perhaps.

In the early stages you are closely connected to your WHY (the reason you're doing it in the first place) so only a small dose of discipline in required, but as time goes and life gets in the way and it becomes harder to maintain said activity.

My WHY for writing to you and creating and sharing free resources and content with you (weekly podcasts, blogs, V-Logs etc) is so that I can follow my souls calling to help as many people in my life time to create the success, freedom and happiness in their life that they desire and deserve.

And yes, there are days like today when I struggle a little more than others to do the deed. It's days like today that discipline is needed, it's days like today that I have to remind myself of the promise I made, of the reasons why I made the promise and how amazing the results are when people become inspired and motivated and uplifted to make changes in their lives. If I Can help just one person with each sharing then it's totally worth me showing up to the lap top!

The podcast episode, where I share with you HOW to get super disciplined to ensure perpetual success in the area of your current focus, is ready for you to listen to in the podcast section (episodes are now just 10 minutes each so no excuses that you don't have the spare time!!)

Love, courage and a huge dose of discipline to create, attract or drop that which you desire....

Maria K.Comment