Did you find out yet? Which story is hindering your upgrade?

I know how radically transformational re-writing my stories have been in my life.

I truly want that for you too.

And I am here, ready and willing to help you.

Changing my story didn't happen overnight and I didn't do it alone. One of the crucial elements to my story re-write was that asking for help was a sign of weakness or that I didn't deserve to have loving support from a professional. This was life changing for me, my business and my family.

We went from surviving to thriving in a very short space of time.

How would that kind of shift feel for you?

How would it be for you and your loved ones if life was really how you dream it to be? Waking up and going to sleep feeling fulfilled and at peace rather than discontent and anxious.

As pre-mentioned, 2016 is all about rising up out of the struggle or merely surviving and fixing yourself firmly into a state of thriving and outstanding living. (Whatever that may look like for you)

Changing your story is all about choosing again, this time choosing from your heart.

Do you know what your heart desires though?

Do you know how to extract that divine information from within you and utilise in the design and creation of the next phase of your life?

All that you require to do so you can find in my podcast library on iTunes........

............. but I'd like to offer you the next step up to that. I'd like to give you a personalised strategy to implement. But first I must know the ins and outs, ups and downs of your story, your limitations and your hearts desires. If you are willing to share that with me vulnerably and honestly, hopefully you feel comfortable enough with me by now to do so, and you want my help in the next 24 hours, then let me know asap by responding to this email with the sentence Yes, Maria. I am willing to receive your help. I want to make a change without delay. I'll get back to you to arrange a chat via the best medium and time for us both.

All your power is in your hands and heart and it already exists right now.....I can't wait to help you reveal it and start living the life of success, freedom and happiness that you desire and deserve.

Maria K.Comment