That was the sickest I’ve ever been

I'm so grateful to be well after 2 weeks of ill health. The details of the illness aren't what I want to tell you about today though. (Not much fun to be had in reading the ins and outs of severe food poisoning!)

I began to notice the story I was telling myself develop very strongly very quickly " I'm so sick, shit..."I'm so sick". The more I thought those thoughts and talked them out loud too, the sicker I became.

This had me thinking about the power of the stories we carry around in our lives; sometimes for years and years, that mould who we are, what we are and all of our experiences both desired and undesired.

Clearly my story of being " so, so sick" was not serving me at all. My wellbeing was deteriorating, my clients and membership community needed me on form especially at this crucial time of the year. My children needed me and moreover I needed to get back to enjoying this current paradise location of mine and all my cool fun activities like flamenco, yoga, swimming in the ocean and socialising with friends and fellow community members.

My story wasn't serving me, so I changed it. I didn't sit and write a whole book about being well (although written word is a very powerful way to change your story), I was way too weak for that though so I simply changed my thoughts from I'm so sick to I'm strong, vibrant, healthy and well.

Do you have a story that isn't serving you?

One of my old stories used to be " I'm a single mum so I can never build a substantial empire without neglecting the kids" and so it became my reality, it became my life.

Very often the stories we tell ourselves have been with us for so long that we don't even notice that we are living out this untrue version of our lives.

I'm so used to being at optimal health and only ever sick for a day or so, so the " I'm so sick" story was quite alien to me therefore easier to detect.

So how can we detect the old embedded stories that are shaping our life in a way that's displeasing to us?

There are numerous longer winded yet powerful ways but here's a quick checklist for you to try now....

1- identify what you want or don't want (in my case to be well)

2- identify what you believe about that desire (I believed I was "so sick")

3- switch to a new belief that supports your desire (I switched to "I'm so well")

4- rewrite your story (I'm strong, healthy, vibrant and well)

5- stop telling your old story and start to tell your new story

It's likely that you have multiple stories running on repeat in your life so it can be overwhelming when we are trying to UpGrade our life if we attempt to raise the standard of all areas at once. Take one story at a time, one area at a time and remember that the longer you've been telling the story, the more likely it is to want to hang around, so patience is also required in large doses!

Luckily for me my "I'm so sick" story was short lived which means I am now back in full swing of coaching, mentoring, supporting  and guiding; the things I love to do the most!

Right before I was unwell we launched our brand new UpGrade members only programme. An affordable way to have me assist you for the next 12 months in your personal, spiritual and professional UpGrades. I'm so proud to be able to offer you this easy to say yes to opportunity.

Will 2016 be the year that you change your life story? I really do hope so!

Maria K.Comment