The truth is...

The truth is, it's not glamorous, it's not always pretty and it's almost always nothing like we could have ever imagined! 

 So this weeks topic is dedicated to telling you the Truth About Your UpGrade Journey.

Don't get me wrong. Not for one second would I ever want to turn back or am I instigating that you run the other way screaming either. I just feel that it will empower you much more to actually not feel as though you're falling to pieces or that you are failing when you are experiencing pretty normal and middle of the road symptoms of an UpGrade.


It's important that you know you are not going crazy orturning into a withering mess! 

Do you expect to lose it all or gain it all every time you fail? Did you know that your mistakes, if utilised correctly could actually be the game changer?

Find out in this weeks Podcast Why I want you to make mistakes

Lets get one thing really clear before moving on. Our primary focus is on success. We are decidedly and categorically facing and moving forwards. It is never our intention to head feet first into a disaster zone or select the option that we intuitively know is the wrong one. 

However, if we do find ourselves at the opposite end of the success spectrum whether that be in health, business, love, life or money then there's no need to fret. Granted, being wrong is programed into us as a very very very bad thing.

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