This one is in honor of you…exactly how you are

Whether you've been a last ditch action taker or not is irrelevant now. This message isn't at all about ridicule or trying to change anything at this point. All of us, no matter what will be feeling as though 2016 has come around way too soon. 

Whatever you may be dealing with or have dealt with in 2015 it's time my dear to pause, step away from the doing, creating and actioning for a second and bow down to the sacred inner part of you and the journey you have both been on together this past 12 months.

Whether it be illness, financial blocks, weight issues, relationship problems or breakdowns, business worries, depression, un-fulfilment and confusion. It's time to lay it all out in plain vision and focus on the blessings brought about by each circumstance, event and person;the light in the dark, the strength out of the weakness. 

For these very moments, will you join me in not trying to change a single thing, will you join me in bowing down in grace and peace, love and forgiveness for the whole of you, the path you have walked all year and the people and challenges who joined you, stayed with you, hurt you, hassled you and maybe even said goodbye to you? 

For the next 30 or so minutes dear precious UpGrader, I invite you to celebrate with me the most amazing thing you have....your UpGrade journey

Maria K.Comment